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  1. Thanks for the reply Fastbee, I'will try the null workflow. will keep you updated. the thing is it's a problem not just with the characters, but any object. For example a rock that has a specific design and has to look to a certain direction. getting kinda hopeless for this
  2. hi, I've searched all over the internet but couldn't find anything. if this was asked before sorry to all before end. I'm trying to import a fbx file to Unity with specific coordination data. I use the built-in freeze transformation to apply the transformations that I want. But when I upload the exported fbx into Unity, freeze transformation does not have any effect. Is there a way to bake the Position, Scale, Rotation data with the fbx exporting. I've tried cinevercity's CV-SmartExport, got the same false results. An example scenario: A basic humanoid character. (default c4d figure) all scale values 1, rotations 0 (each part or limp), and the character facing Z+ in Unity. Here is what I did in Cinema 4d: Take a look at the freeze transformation area; Here is what I get in Unity: as if I've never done any freeze transformation. Character should be facing Z+ and Y rotation values must be 0. hope I could explain my problem. I don't want to switch over to MAYA just for the baking transformation option. Thank's you people are a great community love to be a part of it PS: I'm using R21.115
  3. thanks for all your responses, I'm going to try them both and keep you updated :)
  4. Hello my favorite people; Well, I'm trying to make a wood cutter machine animation with dynamics. I'm not good with xpresso. This is my scene; (photo below). A tilted path a blade at one and and a emitter at the other end spawning wooden logs that are already two parts. I want them to spread or cut into two parts when they contact the blade. it is possible by making the blade a ghost dynamic, but the logs break immediately when they hit the runway :( (you can see how the logs look like before they hit the pathway close to the emitter) İs there a way around this? thanks! love ya all <3 TL;DR: I want dynamic wood logs to spawn trough a emitter, roll through a runway then get cut by a rolling blade.
  5. Imagine a crystal floating in the air. I put a grey background behind it, therefore I see the grey inside the crystal. When I render i ONLY want to see this grey inside the crystal, BUT i don't want to see the actual background around it. It should be alpha. Hope I could explain it :)
  6. hello, I have a struggle, I am trying to render a glass window with a alpha around it but I want to see whats behind the glass(the background). But because I render with alpha ON it also makes it back of the glass alpha. Basically i want alpha around the glass window but not inside :( is there a way to get around this? thanks
  7. thank you! It was a great exercise and i will use it on the new model by everfresh :) thanks for your help it was super helpful :)
  8. yes yes I tried to reverse engineer it but i could't get my head around how did you make the bulge :) thanks a ton for your help you are the best! <3
  9. yess!!! this is it my friend!!! If you could tell me how did you make it would be great :) Thank you a million trillion times!! <3 <3 <3
  10. If anyone trying to do something similar I solved my (tricked my way actually) like this: I googled some brush stroke JPEG's on white background. (or you could make it in photoshop just make sure there is only black and white) Then use Vectorizer in C4D and import your JPEG's. Adjust your splines as you like. Then add the Vectorizer inside a Extrude. (you need to do this for each side of the object.) Use snap to snap the extrudes to the edges or do what ever you want with your 3D brushstrokes :) <3
  11. hey natevplas, super thanks for your reply! lol, I'm sorry that I made you watch hatching cocoons :)) The look I'm going for is not that realistic. And the frame will be filled with the characters head, so yes really close :) The animation that I am trying to achieve can be described like this: imagine you have 20ish rubber bands stretched between your thumb and index finger. Then cut it with a scissor from top to bottom. Because they are stretched each band that got cut will blast outwards and the next one and so on... I'm going to try your suggestion now and keep you updated :)
  12. Hello, I am trying to make a cocoon for my character to be born. I want the cocoon to be ripped (cut) from top to bottom. So all the individual ropes will tear one by one and reveal the character inside. it is just a close-up shot so i don't need to model the whole thing. I tried to make cloth tubes and connected both ends to boxes via cloth belt. and teared them in the middle. But they are really saggy and don't give the tight look that a cocoon has. Because i am going to tear it apart i can't use soft bodies. How would you tackle this problem? i have been working on this for a week and haven't made any process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I attached the failed file if want to check it out. thanks <3 koza patlama deneme .c4d
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