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  1. Thanks, thunderdoc, it helped :) The plane is the smoothest option though, so I'll stick to the plane.
  2. The Subdivision Surface crashes my computer... even though I have NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, it is not even used when dealing with this task! I am just curious, where the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card is actually used? Isn't it supposed to help in situations like I have now? Adobe After Effects also hardly uses it :( But I hope that one day I will find the answer - thank you :) PS In any case, I decided to not use STL for now. I simply applied geotiff displacement to a plane and get a smooth nice surface. STL is triangulated for some reason.
  3. Hello, I have an STL model with a texture. How can I make the STL surface look less triangulated? Please see the screenshots. Thank you!!!
  4. DeCarlo - wow, this is amazing, I did exactly as you said and my cloud point is finally visible after 3 days. I can't thank you enough.
  5. Hello again, after successfully importing .xyz file into cinema 4D (which took me 2 days of learning), I am now trying to actually render it. Attached is the screenshot of my points - but when I render I get a black screen. I want to have blue dots on the screen, as they represent a portion of a larger terrain. It looks amazing in Meshlab, I was hoping to achieve the same in c4d and then animate in C4D. Thank you!
  6. View clipping did it! Thank you so much! The mesh was SOOOOO small and so far away, that medium clipping couldn't get to it. I changed to Huge clipping. Thank you
  7. Hello all, I formatted the xyz file for Cinema4D and imported it successfully into Cinema4D... just to find out that the mesh does not display at all. Cannot see the points. I followed every step of this tutorial, but don't see the mesh the way the person in this tutorial can see it from minute 11.20. Then I tried to export this point cloud as .obj and .stl from Meshlab, I still do not get any results. I click on "o" to zoom in to the object (which I loaded with mesh points) and there is empty screen. Any advice will be much appreciated. I attached the file with 35000 points, but the original size will be about 5 times bigger. 555-short.txt



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