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  1. MattEBV

    IK Robot Rig Has Some Issues

    Thanks for the quick reply and the screenshot. This helps but also brings up a new problem. The end point (that red disk on the end) isn’t pointing forward now. I need that to face the same direction as that screen position controller.
  2. Hey, I've got this rigging technical question. Ive got this rig 90% complete and for the most part it is working on one plane. The issue I am having is that I need the "lower arm" to twist with the x movement. Pictured below. So basically I need to have that red part know when the end point of the IK chain modes side to side and twist that part of the arm to keep it mechanically functional. Here is the scene file with some screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wn47d2436649cwc/AABo_LnuvcbMcEI_WkdI83hia?dl=0