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  1. That’s reassuring to hear, I asked earlier about the installation file for my theoretical post 3 year install, will I be able to have those for when it drops off your system?
  2. So how will it work for those that go with r21 perpetual in say 4 years time if we need a reinstall
  3. On the list of r21 features it states there is a new online installation procedure. i also read MAXON may only keep a few years of previous versions supported on their server. So if I get r21 with my msa and stick with that for now, in 4 years my windows 10 needs a reinstall will I be able to get it? If the installation is online and not as a file on my drive then it looks like my perpetual is actually 3 years and then until something goes pear shaped on my pc.
  4. It feels shocking to those that have supported MAXON to have been told “yea you know that thing you bought from us for £3500?...the thing we told you there’s an upgrade and support path for and you are able to sell or keep forever?” -yes the thing I pay for the new version of every year- ”well we have changed our minds you can’t have it now” -well give me my money back- ”no you can’t we spent it on setting up a different way to make money” -but we had an understanding this will be ongoing- ”shut up about that, stop moaning....oh as a way of thanking you support is dropped apart from bugs and your cineversity membership too, deal with it” The optics of a MAXON faithful is it wrong to see it like this?
  5. They are not adobe so I doubt your shares will do as well, adobe have (for now) a monopoly on creative tools that Joe Public can understand and learn, c4d although being easiest to learn is not so accessible and more niche....wouldn’t be surprised to see some software in the not to distant future that uses AI to make it mass market...it will probably be bought by adobe lol
  6. Tbh the 14 day check in doesn’t bother me. i would want clarification on ‘perpetual’ I saw talk of ‘old’ versions being put to bed. That’s a slippery thing.
  7. Agreed, don’t get me wrong, I am angry too, it’s a comforting thought that you own something(and it cannot be taken away!)....I’m always looking at options to enable me to leave cc. Someone used the great analogy of buying a car then the manufacturer informing you that now you have paid in full they are going to rent it to you, I know it’s a new model but it seems they just stuck pay as you go meter, a go faster stripe on the side and a new air freshener inside it this year! edit- this is meant to be light hearted humour and not really a dig at r21 itself
  8. I was angry when adobe went cc as I’d bought premiere and ae cs6 but I now have no problem with it...I get premiere, ae, ps, audition, muse +5 websites (for now), illustrator, in design that I use and as a videographer/filmmaker pays my mortgage. All that software £600 per year. i think MAXON May be over pricing themselves....I use c4d for titles and motion graphics but would love to do more in my spare time to expand my knowledge... each to our our own though, that’s my view and others have different situations.
  9. FYI, I just got off the phone to MAXON UK and they are sending me a pro forma to pay (usual price.is it £540+vat) to extend my msa which ends August 31st, this will get me r21 perpetual, I asked about how that licence stands if I choose in the future to go rental and she didn’t make it all that clear but did clarify that perpetual means perpetual. Probably going to pay that just for the character tools enhancement and then stop and learn all the stuff I don’t use rather than drooling over new stuff.
  10. Clarity would help, I called MAXON Uk this morning and was told I would be eligible to get r21 (my msa runs out at end of August) they said to wait on an email for clarification. I hope it’s not £1k...tbh I’m satisfied with the tools I have and always think before upgrading about how I should learn more of the included tools before being wowed by glittery stuff in updates.....maybe I’m being forced do that now lol. a couple of years learning what I have will be good n then maybe rent or see what happens. Sorry to be venting on here, genuinely not usual for me and I have never posted on here until yesterday. Xx
  11. Well that’s horrendous and cynically designed to make you rent. I think I’m gonna stick where I am at r20.
  12. For me, the only thing that didn’t make me frown was the addition of Mixamo support, I have wanted an easy non tech pipeline for animating people for a long time, may just get r21 then learn all it has to offer and look at other tools....blender?
  13. Feels like a kick in the teeth as a thank you for spending £3k on their product :(
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