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  1. lieber

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    Having CEO posting on Cafe is very reassuring and shows that MAXON is indeed changing for better. To reiterate, whatever is done, please don't kill perpetual license!
  2. lieber

    Cinema 4D mentorship

    I feel your pain and was in pretty much same boat not so long ago. As far as learning path goes, I highly suggest Cafe trainings from hsrdelic, they are simply in different league to anything else I tried. He works for MAXON and is really gifted teacher, similar to Scott Pagano that does Houdini trainings. I never saw anyone using Cinema on that level :) good luck and hope to see you share some AE and PS knowledge since questions around those tend to linger unanswered for longer periods..
  3. lieber

    Node based materials repository

    That is great example hsrdelic, I just levelled up :)
  4. lieber

    Node based materials repository

    That is great setup and thanks a lot for that link! That is a true gem! Please continue with these advanced examples, there is nothing available elsewhere. @srek if I understand correctly you work for MAXON too as Hrovje? In what capacity if I may ask? Seems you are quite familiar with patents...
  5. lieber

    Node based materials repository

    @HSrdelic @srek I've noticed a lot of setups start from get context node which is quite incomprehensible to me. Help is really obscure there. Is it a context of object which has the material? What about scenes that were posted and material is not applied? I would like to see how simple things are done, such as how some presets were made. For example, how to do a circle or triangle shader? System look very powerful, I just need some basic building blocks knowledge and workflow guidance
  6. lieber

    Node based materials repository

    ok then, is SSS shader possible? Bevel shader? Ocean with foam shader? :) Not only that is poorly done, it is missing some nodes. Notice that triplanar node is not in the docu. This indicates that R20 was rushed although I haven't had single crash with nodes so far but dfid experience some glitches. I would like to have some real world examples of triplanar, in range, compose/decompose matrix
  7. lieber

    Node based materials repository

    Thanks a lot for this, much to learn. Can we post request for shaders?
  8. lieber


    Hi all There is a Cardano blockchain banner spinning on Cafe which is interesting to see. I am blockchain fan so it would be interested if there is more of us here :) btw that Cardano website is probably the best website I ever saw - are they using C4D in design process?
  9. lieber

    Bedroom Interior

    I like it although personally I would remove the dumbbells - who needs that :)
  10. lieber

    Roll expression

    This is fantastic!! thanks you so much! edit > omg you solved the issue of primitives not working with point nodes in xpresso
  11. Hi all Seems that Roll plugin is not working on R20, trouble is that I really need a working solution for this since my new scenes contain fields. I've searched high and low and there seems to be no solution for rolling apart from using some spline trickery or limiting the effect to single axis. Did someone manage to build a working rolling rig? I am willing to turn this into payed gig if needed EDIT admin: roll as in Maya MakeRoll or simple moving of object leads to rolling of the same
  12. lieber

    C4DCafe - Introduction to R20 Nodes

    Very good training @HSrdelic You possess a rare skill of presenting complexity with simplicity. This tutorials should indeed be shipped with Cinema...
  13. lieber

    C4DCafe - Introduction to R20 Nodes

    I will grab this one, your fields tutorial is very good, I am interested to see how you covered nodes ... Quick question -> do you cover resource editor? I find it quite daunting
  14. lieber

    R20 demo

    Anyone knows when will demo version be available? I would like to jump into nodes :)
  15. lieber

    Nodes == Fabric Engine?

    I am watching some version 20 videos about node materials and have a feeling that I am looking at Fabric engine. Am I the only one who hasthis feeling? Did MAXON secretly buy the tech? afaik Fabric has vanished from market.