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  1. lieber

    New Mac pro

    This is actually quite scary statement. Maybe Apple has an eye on MAXON? This sounds as though C4D will be tailored to run better on Mac? That means Windows users will be second class users? *** MAXON?
  2. I would love to see small projects as you did with Ice cream, that was really good since it shows usage of many things. Thanks for all the work you do :)
  3. Check this thread or whole category https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/forum/184-buysell/
  4. Fantastic, thank you @jed!
  5. Hi CBR! I would like to have one slider which would slide all out from the tip in realistic fashion. So, tip extends to maximum then drags following part, then that part extends fully followed by another etc. thanks
  6. Hi Cafe How would you approach making a realistic fishing rod Rig? I fiddled with some constraints but that was quite unstable. Here is an example of what I am after > thanks
  7. The lowest estimate I've found seems to be around 60K so it is definitely worth a lot from my point of view. Usually the figure is somewhere in the middle and it is quite surprising to see Cafe is worth that much. Forum seems larger than I thought...
  8. This can't be real, right? I gather that there is a lot of worth but this seems excessive. Or doesn't it? https://www.worthofweb.com/website-value/c4dcafe.com/
  9. Great news! I must say that this is unique place and am happy to be a part of it
  10. great resource, thank you!
  11. That is very nice and colourful. I took a look at rest of your Vimeo stuff and it is stellar!
  12. Amazing, this goes straight to my treasure box :P Thank you so much, it is very clear that you have incredible command over C4D. That Dice roll is very clever setup, I would never guess how it works.
  13. Having CEO posting on Cafe is very reassuring and shows that MAXON is indeed changing for better. To reiterate, whatever is done, please don't kill perpetual license!
  14. I feel your pain and was in pretty much same boat not so long ago. As far as learning path goes, I highly suggest Cafe trainings from hsrdelic, they are simply in different league to anything else I tried. He works for MAXON and is really gifted teacher, similar to Scott Pagano that does Houdini trainings. I never saw anyone using Cinema on that level :) good luck and hope to see you share some AE and PS knowledge since questions around those tend to linger unanswered for longer periods..
  15. That is great example hsrdelic, I just levelled up :)



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