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  1. Thank you, that looks really good. I think MAXON is trying to take away all those XSI people who didn't have an alternative yet. I like the fact we get to see the tech so early and that there is new openness towards community. It almsot feels like ICE is reincarnated with German twist
  2. So, you built this node with nodes or it is programmed? I don't see it in presets. if so how did you make red indicators where surface is detected? as far as I looked there is no node which outputs some shapes
  3. @Hrvoje Watched some of your lessons. That is some really good stuff and you are clearly on top of your game. The amount of nodes is quite intimidating to say at least peeps -nodes are clearly coding&TD tool, very similar in execution to ICE. Must say I am really impressed if this is tech demo only, kudos MAXON because this will bring you ex Softimage people who still can't get over what AD did to it. MoGraph crowd will love the performance and I can see that group assets could become a nice way for tech savvy people to provide functionality and sell them, so is the
  4. That looks quite extensive, thanks for sharing. It looks like there is a lot in there
  5. Is there a list of nodes somewhere? That would say a lot about current state of and what is possible
  6. Surprisingly good release, congrats MAXON! @Hrovje I just watched the video in link and that looks very impressive which leads to question why Neutrino is tech demo? is it because it is nodes only? @DMcGavran?
  7. Could be that me getting older is making me more resistant to hype, but I was expecting to be much more excited about new nodes shown. Would it be correct to say we will have ICE, Bifrost in Cinema now? or more houdini like? ICE was great but could be used only by skilled tech savvy people and that is not were most Cinema crowd sits. Same goes for Houdini but it was never pretending to be user friendly. I made the transition to Houdini and I still envy some ease of use in Cinema but what is shown is certainly not easy to use check the image from live presentation >
  8. lieber

    C4D Cafe 2.0!

    That would be awesome, hope you arrange that one!!
  9. Hello Cafe people :) I was wondering how would one go about creating Ferrofluid effect as seen here? My first idea is displacement but I can't seem to get the right look and I am unable to control the extrusions. I would appreciate any help...
  10. Must say that I am having troubles finding features in R21. I find that very disturbing, not the license talk at all. I could live with subscription, but not for empty release hats of to @Hrvoje and @Igor, you are really good guys and trying your best to defend MAXON, but something is seriously wrong. R 21 is empty. nothing. zero. It is a bug fix release from my POV. I am truly disappointed and I think all this new core talk is just bu***it talk. I do struggle with Houdini but this benefit of the doubt that MAXON can deliver has reached a point where I simply lost faith. Will check Blend
  11. My biggest fear was Adobe bought MAXON :) Subscription seems as very good offer, especially with the redshift bundle. Not so sure about perpetual licenses, msa and all the concerns people brought up in the thread. Would be nice to get answers on those
  12. Seems to be different style CEO than before My only hope MAXON is not bought by Adobe, that would be a sad day...
  13. So simple when you know what you are doing - thanks a lot!
  14. Hello Cafe I am trying to make setup where first and last clone swap their places in short animation but find this surprisingly difficult to achieve. Anyone dealt with this before? thanks
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