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  1. Hello, I'm modeling wrist watch and I'm stuck on the strap and stitches. Brown is mine. Black is effect I want to achieve. This leather I've got is the best I could possibly find in stock photos (premium stock photos) - I've made a normal map (not using displacement) and I needed to clean it up. And about the stitches - I've used Reeper 2.0 to make the small ropes, but still - the black one looks like a bit randomized and different. So my questions are: How to get this super high quality texture effect and how to get much more realistic stitches...? Thanks in advance!
  2. Oh yes, I will try VDB for sure! I tried Houdini a bit and I know how powerful it is. And I know that modeling chocolate might be easy - but what about texturing the sides? Or how to make displacement to seamlessly blend into the hard surface like on this example and then texture it also seamlessly?
  3. Hi everyone. I couldn't find this kind of topic anywhere in the web so I want to start one and maybe you will be able to help me out. I want to continue my pursue on modeling cakes, chocolates, ice creams etc. And my actual guru on this topic is Andre Caputo. I've asked him about his works - but he is not very talkative about this (I know it's his professional work so I do understand him). I would like to create this kind of models. And I know it's made in zBrush - I made several models of chocolate with good results, but maybe there is an easier way to do it - My try is here: Modeled in zBrush and textured in Mudbox - and composing in Cinema 4D. https://pro2-bar-s3-cdn-cf1.myportfolio.com/48351c60041f03709016cd4ad3383959/2ee1279e6846f207c4910853_rw_1920.jpg?h=e924c4a111081ed71f2744b929691890 And I would like to sharpen my skills and get this results: And I know about sculpting rocks to sharpen skills in zBrush, etc. But I don't quite know how to get this sharp and crisp edges when cutting a pie, cutting a chocolate, how to make displacements on sides etc. Maybe you have some tutorials, ideas, documentation how to get this kind of results. https://www.behance.net/gallery/70232747/3D-Illustration-Protein-Cookie-Finland https://www.behance.net/gallery/47626237/3D-of-Chocolate-Bars-Serenata-Greece https://www.behance.net/gallery/47003753/3D-Letters-to-Habibs-Summer-Campaign-Brazil Thanks!
  4. Done some abstract organic creatures lately. Some procedural modeling, some typical modeling, and some displacement maps used. I didn't use materials and textures to keep the same kind of feeling to this creatures. It's just SSS material.
  5. Thanks for reply. Actually I think I found a solution. It's Cavity Map generated by Tension Tag (It's a vertex map generated by Tension Tag). Then you get shades in cavities which can be used as masking. Maybe someone will find this helpful. The name of this tutorial is: How to generate Cavity Maps with the Tension Tag I will try to do this and will go back maybe with an answer.
  6. Hello everyone - my first post here. I was searching throughout the internet and this forum for an answer - there was one post - but it was too old to understand. I have a model which I would like to texture - it's an organic one. And I want to texture this model based on the displacement height. I found that I can do it by applying Vertex map - but the problem is how to generate that kind of map that will know how high something is and how dense. The colour should change based on displacement height. The second screen is from Houdini actually - but it shows perfectly what I want to make. And the second problem is that for displacement I'm using a PNG texture (not a noise). To clarify - 1. I thought about luminance texture (but it's not it - it can illuminate from the inside, but not in the way I want it) 2. I know there is a plugin - Topology Vertex Maps - but is it possible to make something similar in base C4D? 3. Tried to invert Ambient Occlusion in texture and make it as a texture - but it didn't do the job as well I know it's simple in it's complexity hahah Thanks in advance
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