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  1. thats a nice work , i need learn more , thanks for ur video
  2. do u know some tutorial to learn ?
  3. hello, well i try to model a mask but idk how to fix this i adjust the poligon like my reference but now , the form in corners its anormal, if u need any tutorials for me i apreciate thanks
  4. Oh admin thanks, c4d cafe its only in english ? i hope find people of my country here, c4d isnt popular in south america
  5. Hi guys im new here, im speak spanish, my english is bad but whatever I work in tv channel and i wanna try to make a Branding like this if u see the video , tell me what things i need to learn - i cant make a good spline as in the video. - my work in timeline (Ease in / out) is so bad -Same whit my camera movements In other words , i need a survival kit about this topics Sorry if my english is bad , and thank you for read this In my region the people use C4D only for youtube intros and the tutorials and courses in youtube its also limitated. See ya



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