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  1. I guess this could be possible—though not probable. I don't anticipate MAXON adding access to previous versions via your sign-in to My MAXON. Meaning: You install R21, authenticate / login (Perpetual license) and activate (ping to MAXON's servers). Then, some sort of menu or system allows for download and install of R20, R19, and/or R18, on whichever system you’re using at the time. My guess is that My MAXON will only work for R21 and future releases. I thought I had read that MAXON reserves the right to support up to three (3), previous releases—if I remember correctly. But, no more than that. So, I can’t see them providing installers for anything older than R18 or R19, under my hypothetical My MAXON scenario / example. -- "2 Cents" I really stings to pay in advance and, then, have this not-so-small change to licensing occur. The only way I would, remotely, consider using R21 is via RLM licensing. And, I don't love it. My guess is pricing will be double, for this type of Floating License, compared to what my MSA (1-yr agreement, valid for R21) cost (when I paid last year). -- I, honestly, don't want my posts to come across as negative. But, if we can't voice our concerns here (and in other forums)... then where? Many—even users of other, competing software—are watching to see how this all pans out. I, also, don't want to lose sight of the fact that there are some really great people on all sides of these conversations. I wish everyone nothing but the best. Sorry for the lengthy posts. I have read every word, so far, of this thread; all 60 pages. Very interested in everyone’s thoughts.
  2. Not a fair comparison. If you agree to Adobe's discounted, 1-yr contract you pay on a monthly basis—not one, lump sum. Not so with MAXON's Annual Subscription; where the price is displayed with a monthly figure ($59 [USD]). This is why people are upset. If pricing was $59 / mo, billed monthly (i.e. month-to-month)... they might be on to something [good, for many people / "the world"]. (Heck, throw in Redshift at $59 / mo and people would, probably, be quite excited! ) In reality, your price nearly doubles once you go from Annual to Monthly Sub. -- I, personally, refuse to subscribe, going forward, and can't stand the 14-day "call-in", either. This is why I am not planning to upgrade, in any form, including Perpetual. (Too bad for INSYDIUM, Next Limit and other companies, too!) I have never pirated MAXON's software, nor have I ever violated their license agreement. I just don't like the "new way". (And, I fully understand the flexibility of it, too.) I don't like how MAXON has handled this announcement—at all. (Which stinks, because I can only guess how much work goes into an annual event / release like this. I feel like the pricing and offerings are not consistent with what they're marketing.) I have been a long-time customer of MAXON. (More than a decade, now!) But, I'm feeling pretty upset for people that purchased a full, Studio license in the months leading up to SIGGRAPH—in addition to the long-time customers / supporters / MSA subscribers / etc. -- We're all just giving our opinions. (Some are more factually-based than others. Ha-ha. ) Just trying to make sense of all of this—even though I have made other plans, moving forward. (Not sure whether to be angry or grateful, at this point. I guess I don't fit their ideal customer profile any longer.)
  3. @BoganTW What version of C4D are you running?
  4. That's why "3D for the whole world" feels so misleading, in my opinion. Total marketing language. -- I really hope the developers—and many others—that worked so hard to bring R21 (and all that came before) to light do not feel like the community is not appreciative of their efforts. We will never know how much has been sacrificed to get to this point, I'm sure. (Have there been missteps? Yes. But, has the intent to deliver the best possible package(s) always been there? I think so.) Anyway... I just don't like the direction I see this all going. Still feeling betrayed. In my opinion, MODO went downhill with The Foundry's acquisition of Luxology. I'm having a similar sort of feeling with all of this. I hate to have the negativity (in this thread) overshadow this release / announcement, but I can't help but wonder why people who have stayed somewhat silent, in the background, supporting MAXON (and related plugins, training, etc) are—finally—coming forward to share a little bit how they feel. And the sad thing is... I don't know if they will really care. (Direction seems very focused on growth / new customers vs. existing customer base. Maybe I'm wrong. [???])
  5. Yeah. That was happening just as I had pulled up this forum and hadn't realized the stream was playing (from YouTube), at the bottom of the page. I thought, "Which of my 100 [browser] tabs is playing audio? I'm not watching anything! Couldn't be the Siggraph live stream! They wouldn't use language like that." (It was beeple / Mike Winkelmann.)
  6. Bought into C4D at R10 (+ ALL Modules—MoGraph and other features were separate, then). Have, also, invested a large amount in [MAXON-related] training (3D Fluff, BW Design, C4DCafe, C4D.cz [Pavel Zoch], cmiVFX, fxphd, Greyscalegorilla, helloLUXX [Tim Clapham, etc], Motionworks, Vertex Pusher [Hrvoje Srdelic]) and plug-ins (CinemaPlugins [Paul Everett], Greyscalegorilla, Holger Biebrach, Insydium [X-Particles & Cycles 4D], Next Limit, etc). MSA is current and I will receive R21. But, I don't know that I will even install it. (Just feeling really frustrated by the current news.) May get out of 3D, altogether, at this point, and continue on as a full-stack web developer. (Or, maybe I'll give Blender a shot.) Most / all (creative) software that I have invested into is going the way of subscription—and I don't like it. Obviously, MAXON is free to do what they want. I was just hoping they would be the exception. Don't see how their new offerings benefit me AT ALL. R10 w ALL Modules, Studio R12, Studio R13, Studio R14, Studio R15, Studio R16, Studio R17, Studio R18, Studio R19, Studio R20, [R21]
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