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  1. To wrap this up: Dave was extremely kind to sort this out for me and confirmed that I am entitled to a R23 license! It will be arranged this week! Thanks again and case closed!! Olav
  2. I'm with C4D with every release since R6 and I bought my initial MSA years ago after an upgrade was released, so I bought the upgrade (full price) and also a new MSA at that time. That MSA gave me the next upgrade for "free". So I never get 2 releases in one MSA. I got R21 for my previous MSA-period that ended at the end of September 2019. So release 23 should be included in my current MSA that ends 30 September 2020. So I only got Free Cineversity for one year for a ridiculous high price. I try to reach MAXON to see what they can tell me about this situation, but I'm afraid they o
  3. Thanks Jops, I think you are right. Hopefully I get an answer from MAXON to clarify this. I’ll try to contact them for the third time (!). Olav
  4. It seems I'm out of luck. No reply from MAXON so far and my local sales representative tells me I'm not getting R23. If I read the words from McGavran in this thread I assumed I would get R23. Strange... and very disappointing.
  5. resurrecting this thread. I still have a valid MSA (end of September) so if I understand well I should get a copy of R23. Am I right? I contacted sales, but no reply yet and my licenses are still only showing R21. Anybody else in the same situation that received R23 yet? Love to her it. Olav
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