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  1. Oh ok, nice. Not familiar with coffee yet, but will have a look at it. Thanks :)
  2. Well it would be more realistic with Dynamics of course. I could use keyframing.. probably will end up doing it that way, but then the whole rig would not be directly reacting to the target movement in my scene. That the way i have set it up. And it would be also nice to see this solved or mybe this isn't a issue with later versions.
  3. You might have to delete the rigid Body tags and add new ones for it to work. Do not know why.
  4. Here is a example Scene with the minimal Setup to visualize the Problem. Playing the Animation in Viewport works fine. Now Go to Picture Viewer and you will see the example objects not moving. ***. PS. Delete the Cache and the Platinics are going to even fall down.. dynamics_bug_file.c4d
  5. My Scene is a mess but if you say so.. turret_23.c4d
  6. Hello, I am trying to model a turret with two cannons attached(R18.057). The cannons are in Symmetry and, to make them rotate in a realistic Fashion, i have added a Motor, Connector and two Ridged Bodys. The set up is working in my Viewport. That is when i view the Animation the cannons are rotating. Now i tried to render the Animation out, but in the final render the Canons are no longer rotating. After quite some Exploration i found out that, if i disable the Symmetry-Object, with the same Settings and Dynamics attached as before, and render, the Motor/Dynamics/Roation will work in the final render aswell. So, why is it that the Symmetry-Object hinders the Dynamics from actually Rendering? No matter the render engine. My Project and Render Settings match (at least i think so.. ). I have cleared and backed the Cache(s) of the Dynamics Tags. I could just convert the Symmetry to Geometry, but that would suck. So i hoped there is a work around to this Problem. Mybe the issue has been solved in later versions of cinema? Cheers



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