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  1. This thread can be tagged as solved Thanks a ton for the fantastic help Time for me to deal with that Unreal beast now =)
  2. Dan you are the best!! Following your steps made me sucessfully import this to UE. Make character object editable > export as FBX > reimport to C4D > manually delete all the controllers/bones not responsible for movement > no more "multiple roots" error in UE4 Importing a baked animation works as well on my character! Very happy right now =D Can anybody still tell me how to bake the textures into the model without loosing the weights? Textures won´t get exported correctly Cheers Al
  3. You mean that free plugin might be usable to transfer character rigs also? So i have to find a way to avoid the engine crashes or wait till they update the plugin for 4.20
  4. Thank you very much for digging into this. I´ve been watching a lot of those videos too, where they rig and animate that farmer character. When it comes to exporting to Unity they use a plugin though. That one is available only to paying premium members. Yes maybe i should have made some test prior to putting so much time into weighting and animation. It´s a bit disappointing though that this very handy charakter object creates such complex rigs that have limitations outside of cinema. Is there no way of converting them to a simple skeleton somehow?
  5. oh well i had high hopes to get this into a game engine without too much hassle but now i think i have to rig and animate it all over again with classical joints... if anyone did C4D character export to game engines before feel free to join the conversation Al
  6. Okay so i somehow just have to figure out how to get rid of that multiple roots error and it should be ready to import... By looking at my attached hierarchy screenshot, can you spot a reason for this error? Thanks Al
  7. Hello, thanks for the quick reply. Yes i tried this plugin, sadly it crashes UE 4.19 everytime i try and does not support 4.20 yet :/ So i remain with two questions: do rigs made with the C4D character object get recognized in external software or would i have to convert them to regular bones/skeletons first? How would i accomplish this? And, is baking rigged and animated meshes possible at all? I don´t have a clue why they loose their weights when i do this. Binding them again to the character object and the skin tag creates some horrible glitches to the meshes Al
  8. Hey guys, have been doing simple stuff with Cinema for years and just recently started to teach myself character modeling/rigging through various internet tutorials. So i modeled a cartoonic character. Body, hair, clothes all as seperate meshes. Rigged it with the character object, adjusted the weights for many hours and animated a walkcycle. I would like to export and use this in Unreal Engine 4 but i am stuck at this last stage. In it´s current state when i export it as fbx to UE4 it gives an error "multiple roots found". Also, i saw somewhere that i have to bake the objects so the textures transfer correctly to UE4, but when i bake the meshes one after another they all loose their weights and won´t move anymore. Can anybody tell me how to properly finish this? Attached you find my projects hierarchy Cheers
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