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  1. Hi bezo, hi Isleofgough,thank you for the answers! I'm running R18 (on Windows 10), used live selection all the time. Since I'm the noobest noob I didn't know the shortcut, tried double clicking (also because of Houdini hehe) - and it worked just fine until yesterday evening. I tried copying the mesh into the new file and back - it also doesn't work. What is really strange is that even if I create a new cylinder or any other mesh with loops in the first file - also can't use double clicking. And in the same time in a new file I can do it with all meshes - copied from the first file or just created, in the same mode with the same live selection tool. Feels almost like the file is corrupted in some odd way >< But! Isleofgough's tipp about U>L keystrokes works for every file. So i guess I'll keep using it. It's still way faster and handier then going to loop cut button in the menu. Thank you very much for your help!
  2. Hi everyone! I have following (frustrating...) problem: when I try to loop select (by double clicking the edge) of a mesh (simple cylinder with a couple loop cuts in it) - it just doesn't work, nothing happens. When I copy-paste this very mesh into the new file - voila, it works as it supposed to. What exactly could be the problem with the settings/presets of the first file and how do I make it selectable again? Thank you very much in advance!

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