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  1. Thank you for the kind response. thanks a lot. That's because... Each of many objects must apply different animations. There are more objects in what I really want to make than we thought. I lacked an explanation. Sorry
  2. Hi~ Thank you for your interest. Of course, I Tried with iteration and link list. But delay effector does not apply. Thanks in advance. I've attached a Scene file. test.c4d test2.c4d
  3. 1) You can duplicate your render settings 2) change the frame range in each in of the settings 3) assign these render settings to different renders in your render queue
  4. Hello~ I have a question that I need help. We are adding a single Operators to multiple objects. Is it possible to apply modifiers to multiple objects at once? does anyone have any ideas for me? Look at the attached picture. I would really appreciate your help.
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