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  1. Q-TILE-PRO | New Bonus Scene added! S22 compatible! Dear Users, we are happy to give you another Free Bonus Scene, available now in your download! We recommend loading the newest 1.2.6b version from today to get the scene as well as also an OSX related fix in case, and to get the C4d S22 compatible version in case you find all as usual in your usual download space or email download, just re download it:) Our target is to add for you around one nice new bonus mat/shader per week in average, for the rest of the year. QTP 1.2.6 also has already 300+ shapes, ready to use, as editor libraries shipping! If you not have QTP yet, you find it here our shop 3dtools.info: https://3dtools.info/tilepro/ We hope you all stay healthy and that you and your families are all fine! #resistcovid19 #c4d #corona #vray #octane #redshift #arnold #3dtools #qucumberat
  2. And one more fast Q-TILE-PRO v1.2.6 "scan & zoom" test again. As Texture input source some we used parts of the great EXORBITART.shop scan textures,so the Material doesn't repeat even if zoomed far out, and can be easy tuned in many ways now with QTP. i also added some leaves and altered it a bit to my needs:) The shapes for the pavers is one of our shipping shape presets. we now ship 300+ shapes with Q-TILE-PRO 1.2.6, ready to use Get the Q-TILE-PRO bundle here, (the current 149.- price special will end after Easter weekend) https://3dtools.info/tilepro/ #c4d #qtilepro #exortbitart #scantextures #corona #vray #octane #arnold #redshift #restistcovid19
  3. FREE SCENE for Q-TILE-PRO (for v1.2.6 shipping today) Dear "QTP" users, we now also ship this nice new little scene with a beautiful Brick Q-Tile-Pro Material setup - of course FREE for all our users! QTP uses just a few small free textures as input for diffuse, glossy displacement, etc - and the result is stunning! The scene comes as native C4d Corona, V-Ray, Redshift & Octane files, it will be tomorrow inside your download as FREE EXTRA BONUS. Of course also for all new customers! https://3dtools.info/tilepro/ #c4d #vray #corona #octane #qtp #qtilepro #resistcovid19
  4. FREE SERVICE RELEASE Q-TILE-PRO 1.2.6 AVAILABLE! Dear All, we are happy to announce the new Release "QTP 1.2.6" - for all existing and new customers. The focus on this service release was Speed | Stability | Workflow. For Corona, V-Ray and C4D engine users we also have a Bonus tool included- 3d parallax (a kind of virtual displacement) All users did get a mailchimp notification, download the new version in using your existing shop or email link. A nice little bonus scene (old brick wall) was added for all engine. You find it in your QTP download. The QTP version History pdf you can read here: http://qucumber-plugins.s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/QTP_v… You find the full Q-TILE-PRO bundle here, (the current 149.- price special will end April 15th) https://3dtools.info/tilepro/ #c4d #qtilepro #exortbitart #scantextures #corona #vray #octane #arnold #redshift #restistcovid19
  5. Dear fellow c4d users, we released a FREE promo version of 4 high end materials (2 from lib01 and 2 from lib02) for Corona c4d and V-Ray. get it here: https://3dtools.info/shop/q-metal-free/ here a pdf of the free package: http://stefan-share.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/pdf_free_Metals.pdf and the 2 FULL metal Libraries(also available, as reduced bundle now): http://stefan-share.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Booklet_MetalLIB1_corona.pdf http://stefan-share.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Booklet_MetalLIB2.pdf here the link to the material library BUDNDLE cof both metal lib 01 and metal mesh lib 02 in case: https://3dtools.info/shop/qmat-metal-mtl-bundle/ best greetings & stay healthy all! Stefan
  6. Dear fellow C4d users, as requested by several of you, we now also have an option to buy only the QT-Pro SOFTPATCH tool alone, for a lower price tag of only 69.- euro netto: https://3dtools.info/shop/q-tpro-softpatch/ this can be useful for all that only need that function to make endless structureless, not repeating textures in 1 click. it works direct in corona, physical, c4d internal and v-ray, and via a 1 clock bake button also in all other 3rd party c4d engines! there is an option to later update to the full Q-TILE-PRO plugin Bundle with libraries, without any loss of money (just pay the difference from softpatch to full QTP) cheers & stay healthy! Stefan p.s.: we left the q-tile pro BUNDLE (2 plugins + Libaries) price for some more days on the reduced 149.- euro, due the corona crisis so you can save 20.- euro on it yet
  7. Dear All, the special price of 149.- Euro will soon end, and the bundle price containing these 2 plugins with the 150+ shape libraries, will raise next days to the normal price (169.- euro). So last chance in case to save 20.- euro on the bundle! cheers Stefan
  8. Dear C4D Users! We updated our shader plugin "Q-TILE-PRO | surface engine" to version 1.2 this comes with an additional new design tool to generate "endless visually non repeating" surface textures also on huge surfaces in 1 click! this is great to generate "endless" asphalt, plaster, concrete, sand, gravel, pebbles, water waves, stones, marble and so on out of small texture inputs. New v 1.2 features: * New Standalone Softpatch shader plugin added: a new simple to use, 1 click solution for generating „endless“ non repeating surfaces. * Tile Pro Engine: Speedup for Octane, partly 10x speed increase in prepare time on Octane render use * Tile Pro Engine: Fix for Octane, fixed some cases where shaders didnt render via picture viewer. * Tile Pro Engine: added random scale feature random scale down and random scale up possible * Tile Pro Engine: separate „UV from tiles“ option (ON/OFF) in edge dirt, turning this option OFF, even if UV from tile is on in Tex variation tab and controlling this separate, enables much more natural non repeating dirt over tiles. coming in next versions: * custom relief feature (a 3d parallax feature) here a video of the new softpatch tool in action: and here 3 examples: The update is FREE to all our users, Both the Q-TILE-PRO shader tool plugin and the new Tpro SOFTPATCH shader are included for 149.- euro. more info here in our shop: https://3dtools.info/tilepro/ best greetings, Stefan LAUB & the Q-TILE-PRO Team p.s.: here more "QTP" videos on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6FnzvU5l51Rthi5qBsOzdA
  9. Dear fellow C4D users! We are super happy to announce that our big update version 1.1 is available now for all. for our existing customers of course as a free update! The v1.1 update comes with a totally redesigned new and simpler to use GUI /user interface, and many new powerful features, based on your feedback, and several fixes. Some excerpt of the new feature List: –New streamlined GUI, with coloured “tabs”, that reflect the usual “1-2-3-4” setup work flow. new and improved drawing, new shape mirror and scale options -new axis tool, axis rotation tool to define texture directions, and axis few mode -new selection, box select and brush selection tools -new shape subdivision tools -new shape instances feature assign colour, randomize colour, randomize text ID, now can work be limited to selections –new shape instances feature, and new instance view mode new optimize command to automatic remove all double/overlaying shapes in one click -new “manage library” button replacing the old load and save buttons. -adjustable preview size of shape pre-sets -and its window -new shader pre-set library feature- -new Tex direction modes menu, to define the direction of textures in relation to the new axis -new flip modes, flip u, flip v, flip u & v, with % setting how many & of the textures affected by it. -new use seamless texture mode: it allows random offset, also if the shape scale is at 1 or lower -new “generate seamless tiling” option to use a “pseudo randomness” on the border to generate seamless shader or baking results.also if the shader not covers all of the object. Q-TILE-PRO makes sure it will be always seamless automatic, regardless if the mapping covers all surface in one tile or not. new round corner feature (separate from edge rounding, as many wished) new layer transparency via texture (alpha mask per layer) we also started a new You Tube Channel/Playlist for Q-TILE-PRO, with several new videos for learning: https://www.youtube.com/playlist… please subscribe to our new INFO CHANNEL:) we hope you like our new Q-TILE-PRO version as much as we do! Stefan Laub & The Qucumber.at | Q-TILE-PRO team! https://3dtools.info/q-tile-pro/
  10. 13 Dear C4D users, we are c4d archviz artist ourselves since like 20+ years, and i am very happy & proud to be able to announce the release 1.1 of our new tool for C4D artists, the “Q-TILE PRO | surface engine”. It is a mighty new artist driven c4d native plugin, which enables you to do ANY tile shapes or repeating surfaces, with ANY kind of variations, in easy ways! In addition it lets you make perfect non tiled, structure less surfaces, like asphalt, concrete, plaster, etc in a few clicks, which never show the usual un-wished repeating structures, we often see in even seamless texture use! It works with the internal #c4d engine, and direct within #corona, #vray, #redshift, #Octane, or via included auto-baking also in any other cpu or gpu engine, cloud or standalone renderer. the plugin is made by our team qucumber.at see detailed info on our pages: https://3dtools.info/tilepro and our facebook page announcement: Qucumber.at This is a dream come true for me, it is a tool i always wished for myself to have in C4D. it enables you high end surfacing, directly within C4D in unseen detail, variation and quality. For any tiles or non tiled surfaces! it works in the corona or rs node editor and IPRs of course, supporting c4d 19,20 and 21 for now. hope some will like it same as we do, we use it in almost any of our projects already. next days i also start a series of small help videos explaining the work flow, with example c4d files best greetings Stefan Laub CEO/lead artist at qucumber.at
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