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  1. Gabriel Boing

    Moddeling a Real Person

    Hello. I have a doubt if C4D is the right software, but it's the software i know better. How can i model a real person? It can be a not so real model, but have any trick or tip? The best reference i find is Jerry Paper and his Jerry Paper Model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeNF12NbWXM Thank you !
  2. Gabriel Boing

    Modelling a Rounded Form

    Here i am again ! So, i get the rounded form, and i put a logo on it. But i need the logo on both sides in the same away. At the front of the form, the logo is correct, but i need it at the back too, exactly like the front, not turning to the other side.
  3. Gabriel Boing

    Modelling a Rounded Form

    Hello I'm very newbie at moddeling anything in C4D. I need to make this keychain form in c4d, after that, i gonna animate this. Can u help me to reach the form of this object? thanks
  4. Gabriel Boing

    Plane rotate around Circle Spline

    Yea! That's Works. Thank you
  5. Gabriel Boing

    Plane rotate around Circle Spline

    I'm wanting the logos/plains rotate inside the spline like this example below 20181025_190130.mp4
  6. Hello ! Sorry for the super newbie question, but i need help. I Want to make 4 plans to spin around a circle spline. Like that, but with plans: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmpQt6EAgMc/?hl=en&saved-by=ggabrielkoi I Already did the plans allign to spline, but they dont rotate inside the circle path and they are very close! I want to more spacing between the plains. I put a screenshot and a short video about my situation. Thank You ! 20181025_180930.mp4
  7. Hello, This is my first topic in this forum. I love this forum, this is really special for the Creative community around the world, thanks. So, i have a very newbie question. I'm working in an animation for a brand clothing., and i need to put some not 3d objects (.png) inside an 3d animation i made in C4D. I need to put 5 .png of pieces of the brand, each inside of one letter of the brand name. Ex: .png of a T-shirt inside of the "B", a .png of a Cap inside the letter "O"... I'm here to discover the easieast and logical way to do this. I put some screenshots to you better understood, and a reference i watch to make this, and the biggest example what of i want to do my corridor of letters. .png that i need to put inside the animation Very special example.