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  1. Hello, Newbie question, but i can't find on internet. How can i put the Live Viewer as a "tab" on my C4D? Like that screenshot. The Live Viewer is inside the C4D Layout. ( Inferior Left Corner ) Thanks
  2. Hello. I have a doubt if C4D is the right software, but it's the software i know better. How can i model a real person? It can be a not so real model, but have any trick or tip? The best reference i find is Jerry Paper and his Jerry Paper Model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeNF12NbWXM Thank you !
  3. Here i am again ! So, i get the rounded form, and i put a logo on it. But i need the logo on both sides in the same away. At the front of the form, the logo is correct, but i need it at the back too, exactly like the front, not turning to the other side.
  4. Hello I'm very newbie at moddeling anything in C4D. I need to make this keychain form in c4d, after that, i gonna animate this. Can u help me to reach the form of this object? thanks
  5. I'm wanting the logos/plains rotate inside the spline like this example below 20181025_190130.mp4
  6. Hello ! Sorry for the super newbie question, but i need help. I Want to make 4 plans to spin around a circle spline. Like that, but with plans: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmpQt6EAgMc/?hl=en&saved-by=ggabrielkoi I Already did the plans allign to spline, but they dont rotate inside the circle path and they are very close! I want to more spacing between the plains. I put a screenshot and a short video about my situation. Thank You ! 20181025_180930.mp4
  7. Hello, This is my first topic in this forum. I love this forum, this is really special for the Creative community around the world, thanks. So, i have a very newbie question. I'm working in an animation for a brand clothing., and i need to put some not 3d objects (.png) inside an 3d animation i made in C4D. I need to put 5 .png of pieces of the brand, each inside of one letter of the brand name. Ex: .png of a T-shirt inside of the "B", a .png of a Cap inside the letter "O"... I'm here to discover the easieast and logical way to do this. I put some screenshots to you better understood, and a reference i watch to make this, and the biggest example what of i want to do my corridor of letters. .png that i need to put inside the animation Very special example.



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