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  1. We don't have a price for an upgrade that doesn't exist yet. We will make the price list for the next release as we get closer to that release. However, I have posted multiple times and place that it will be inline with this years non MSA price point which is 850 Euros (different price in different currencies). There really honestly is no confusion here. A reseller can't offer you a price for a product that isn't for sale. Cheers Dave
  2. 1. MSA Program is replaced with Subscription 2. Subscribers get S22 3. Upgrade pricing similar to last year (non MSA) will be available with our next Perpetual release in the late summer/early fall. 4. New perpetual purchases are also avail at that time same price as now 5. Subscribers will also get this release as a subscription as well.
  3. Hi Dave, Definitely a success. Not sure how each person felt about the more work part I found it more difficult than presenting live but I only talked for 12 min All the presenters would have been with us Live and we definitely missed hanging out in person. We are taking the learnings for sure and seeing what we do going forward. Meeting in person often leads to more discussions but online definitely gets a more diverse group asking questions. Cheers Dave
  4. Hmm hadn’t considered using a 2 version upgrade price! Good idea! Thanks!
  5. I will jump in here and answer. This was the same when MAXON offered Maintenance and the same from the beginning of the RS Maintenance system. It is meant to be continuous not on and off. (On off is a benefit of Subscriptions) So you can turn it back on which is a benefit MAXON didn't allow in their maintenance plan but it has to be continuous. This is all clearly called out in the Redshift terms and is aligned with Maintenance contracts from other companies. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Dave, I do hear your feedback. Cheers Dave
  7. Feel free to PM me to discuss, this isn't what I said. Cheers Dave
  8. TMS just emailed me and I responded with some examples that they can use. I assume they will be in contact with you. Cheers Dave
  9. What is not transparent. We give you a different discount on Visualize vs Broadcast. We don't want the website to be too complex, so just call. TMS will tell you the pricing based on what you have. We allow you to sell your perpetual to other users. BMW like us offers a lease option. BMW like us offers to sell you a new car next year and you can turn in your old car (Upgrade). You asked if you get a discount on subscription and can keep your perpetual. The answer is yes, call and let us know exactly what you own. If you want to keep your perpetual and use the upgrade pricing, we will have an upgrade for generally around the same historical pricing, some time later this year. If you have Cinema 4D Lite (i.e. After Effects) we will give you a discount. If you were a student we will give you a discount. If you are a student it is free. This is all standard stuff. Cheers Dave
  10. We work closely with TMS and they have the entire price list. I will be visiting them next month. We don't disclose the cost of upgrades because we do that when we create the upgrade. In general it will be similar to the past., BMW also won't tell you what a new car costs next year. The reason we don't publish the different offers is because we used to offer 6 different products with different terms with potentially MSA's, Lite versions and student versions, It makes for a very complicated matrix. Cheers Dave
  11. Please just call :). The 2 year offer requires you transition to subscription. We have other offers where you keep your perpetual and you can add a subscription at a reduced cost. We aren't going to list all options here but happy to go through them all on phone Cheers Dave
  12. This is simply not the case. If you have an older version of Cinema 4D we offer a discount onto the subscription. There are different %'s for different older products. It says clearly on the purchase page to call if you want a discount. We offer discounts on any older version including C4D Lite. It has to be the last upgraded version you own, however. Cheers Dave
  13. They are working on getting this page back up. Cheers Dave
  14. How is 3DS Max cheaper? We have free licenses for students as well? Cheers Dave
  15. We will allow a transfer of r21 perpetual. We are close to uploading the information on the site. It is a different process than in the past. More info soon.
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