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  1. Also: It'd be interesting to see the full render log from the session. Do you use Atlus a third-party denoiser.
  2. Google says you should reach out to cloud support Cheers Dave
  3. I poked a few folks.. Hope they can respond in time. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi All, Here is the official answer. We haven't changed anything here yet. We are hiring and building a team to work on an educational strategy. The easy bit: Every student/teacher can get a few version. It will renew as long as you are a student. This is a full non limited version. For schools, they aren't all the same. We want universities to teach and we want to make sure they teach the latest version. So we try to engage with them. Some schools should pay others should not. Example being a company that makes money teaching software, should pay for the software they are using. Other universities are private some are public. It is a tricky balance so we need to make a plan. As of now we left things the way they have been. Cheers Dave
  5. Cairyn has it correct. You have an MSA contract with a reseller that auto renews. The last auto renews that will renew are from (mostly) European distributors and resellers in September and October. Assuming you didn't cancel it, it renews. MAXON and resellers have the same cancelation policy as you, we need to cancel the next renew 3 months in advance. If you have an MSA that renews you will get R21 perpetual (already delivered) to keep. If your MSA extends past our next perpetual release you will get that as well. Cheers Dave
  6. Since the question was asked of me... We would like to be able to offer yearly/billed monthly. Lot of work that we are looking at. Cheers Dave
  7. To answer a few questions. If you sell perpetual software with out a subscription or maintanence you can't by US law release brand new functionality. Feel free to read all the details by researching Sarbanes-Oxley law. Came out after Enron. So if you want to continuously offer new stuff you need to recognize the revenue over time in specific ways. It isn't an excuse it is a very very important thing to get correct in your accounting. That is why people talk about subscriptions as a way to give developers more flexibility to release stuff when it is done. Now, relative to Nodes and Redshift. We have a Nodes SDK ready that we have in r21 and have given to multiple developers, it won't be generally available for some time. Redshift has it working but there are some bugs they want fixed before they release it so it works better. We are working on fixing those bugs and then we will release it, current plan is soonish. Cheers Dave
  8. You can now install on any number of machines. You can use 1 concurrently and log in/out per machine. Cheers Dave
  9. To be clear. With subscription we will keep "at least" 3 years of versions available. Cheers Dave
  10. Cineversity was never included in perpetual, only in MSA. We will definitely consider adding it to the upgrade but we only started discussing this based on the feedback, please bare with us. Cheers Dave
  11. we haven't announced future version names or numbers or release dates. But yes the next perpetual release will have an upgrade option and it will be around 850 EUR without tax. It is a different product than the subscription and therefore has a different pricing structure. We have committed to future perpetual releases and too upgrades. There isn't much more info that I can give and I am not sure how much clearer I can get Cheers Dave
  12. Please see my post above. Yes MAXON offers side grade as well via calling us or any partners. Going forward we plan to have an upgrade price that is similar to today for each perpetual release. Cheers Dave
  13. Back up now. Clear caches if it doesn't work. Thanks for alerting us. Cheers Dave
  14. I can only respond again The pricing is announced. We offer a side grade price of 850 Euros to go from C4D Studio/Prime/etc r20 -> to Cinema 4D Perpetual r21. This will look different in different countries and currencies based on tax inclusive/exclusive norms. This is generally the price you can expect when we release additional perpetual releases. The webstore currently says: For floating licenses or volume license purchases please contact your local MAXON representative. We will change this to: For upgrades, floating licenses or volume license purchases please contact your local MAXON representative. To try and make this clearer. We don't plan on selling upgrades on our online store because it requires us to do serial number checking etc and that we do that on the phone or with our sales partners. Hope this clarifies things. Cheers Dave
  15. Boston is my favorite city in the states. I grew up in CT and went to Uni in Maine. Haven't been back to the east coast in a while, but next time I will take you up on it. Cheers Dave

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