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  1. cj bravo


    yeah I guess thats how its gonna be.. btw the next step i'm trying to get is to basically close the bowl with a clip (as in pic). how's you attempt that? soft body / mesh deformer? the whole object should imitate a flexible silicone material...
  2. cj bravo


    hey! yes my bad, apparently the delete option in moderation actions does not delete the comment but the whole post... my mistake. I wanted to comment that I already have the object id like to roll down which has a mesh deformer. so I used a lathed spline with bend to act as the cage. Its not working so smooth but im not sure im doing it right.. the bent rim (orange) is not faceing the right side. its bending out which is right but its facing the wrong way.
  3. Hey there, trying to collapse/fold an exiting object like a collapsible bowl - silicone-like material. i've tried using the mesh deformer and a lathed spline as cage. I've added a bend to the spline but result isn't nice. I'd like to animate the fold...
  4. cj bravo


    sorry I was confused with another post around here which apparently I deleted accidentally while trying to edit the post.... link to file- https://drive.google.com/file/d/10PSXJkuy3TkKuFyhgG4Cot1rm1KI68P2/view?usp=sharing thanks!
  5. cj bravo


    ok, so I've already have the final object that I want to collapse. I tried using the mesh deformer to change its shape. in the pic i tried a lathed spline with a bend deformer (adapted from your example file) but its not looking good.... thoughts?
  6. cj bravo


    bag is a silicone collapsible bowl. I'd like to animate its folding action and then clipping it... also to show thats its elastic - hence the thought of soft body.
  7. Hey there, I'm trying to animate an object to imitate soft silicone. Its a bag/bowl kinda thing that has a ziploc style rim which is closed by a rigid clip and the whole thing converts to an elastic bowl. so... I'm trying to show how the bowl opens up to a bag and the clip closes the rim. any thoughts? how to start? I think the most challenging thing would be to have the clips close on the soft body...
  8. Hey there, I've done an animated object but I want to change the axis rotation of the object without affecting the existing timeline. is that possible? I've tried changing the axis with world or relative... thanks, CJ.
  9. cj bravo

    Rollin a Sphere inside a moving body

    ha! works smoothly thanks! was wondering, I got the ball rolling fine now. if i'd like to make two of those objects crash each other, how's define the dynamic bodies (ball and casing) to make a 'bumper-car' style thing... thanks!
  10. cj bravo


    cool, looks good! btw its seems that when I do shrink wrap it comes out flipped (horizontal) any ideas why? i've phtshped it mirrored so it would work but it seems strange.. and... how would you do this kind of texture (the weird billiard ball) . I got into some problems so eventually I used a base texture (the orange strip) and then applied another alpha texture ( the "pole" numbers). is there a better way? I had some trouble with aligning the whole thing to a sphere shape. thanks!
  11. trying to apply an alpha image to sphere. did one side successfully with shrink wrapping but other side did not work. Tried "both sides" and "front/back". I used the exact same settings... thoughts?
  12. Hey there, I've got a sphere laying in a moving base. I'm trying to rotate the sphere correspondingly with the base movement. Right now i've tried xpersso set drive/driven - the base z/x position to the sphere pitch/bank. but it's not really synced... I've tried to play with dynamics but no luck... the base or sphere are flying everywhere and not sure what definitions should I make to each other. Eventually i'd like to have many balls rolling around hitting each other so I'm guessing I should continue trying the dynamics. any suggestions? I'm a novice here so I'd appreciate the layman terminology and baby steps... WhatsApp Video 2018-09-14 at 13.07.45_Trim.mp4