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  1. I can only comment on my experience. I use a Connectpro UD-14+ KVM. The switches take a few second for it to re-recognize the tablet but it works with my Wacom...I just made sure each machine has the drivers installed.
  2. Also.. in cinema 4-d preferences under open gl you can see which card is being used. You want to probably make sure that is set to your display/ non rendering card. In your NVIDIA settings you can change this per application. I’m not sure this made much of a difference but it made sense to make sure OpenGL was set to my display card
  3. cool.. I missed this. This is a very nice addition.. looking forward to it
  4. I would hope MAXON would take a more innovative philosophy to expand the power of all in one C4D. They have a great support for Adobe, but they aren't tied together (unless they are.. by some contract.. I don't know). In any case, it's a dream that probably won't ever come true. If you want nodal compositing, the options aren't great. I don't like what Blackmagic has done to Fusion... but I guess I should feel lucky standalone Fusion is still being developed at all.
  5. C4D Standard and Physical renderers are all CPU based. More CPU cores and speed will help render times.
  6. that is awesome news! looking forward to the R20 Control4D. Thanks kvb!
  7. I bought this one and have used it a few times with no problems, http://www.hootech.com/video-to-picture-image-converter/
  8. This is slightly related since pose morph is the only way to go. I've always wanted for soft selection to work on FFD's and also splines. Why not? Also when you animate a spline with a morph target it doesn't take the bezier curve handles into account. That should work too. Thanks for the opportunity to vent a little bit..
  9. There is a lot I want. But I'll be dissapointed if we don't get new xpresso with new nodes, awesome 3rd party nodal support, and some performance improvements. I can't even imagine how amazing a compositor in Cinema 4D would be with new nodes system, tied to an updated Bodypaint.... a nice dream.
  10. In my brief googling I could find only one convoluted way. Find a way to convert 3D connexion to midi with something like this. https://github.com/skwerner/MIDINavigator and then use camgrip tools plugin to get midi in. I think it is able to record keyframes although I haven't tried it. It would be nice if it supported 3D mouse directly.
  11. I'm pretty sure Redshift doesn't support movie files. It only supports image sequences as textures. You can use a baking node but it will slow things down. Hopefully this will change soon at least in C4D , but it's probably a core limitation of the renderer currently.
  12. NIce.. this will be helpful for me if I ever get Z brush. Thanks
  13. Amazing! I'm glad I upgraded to R20 and got back on the MSA. "Seamless integration in Cinema 4D" There is so much awesome potential...with I'm sure lots of new cool stuff coming. Imagine Redshift team implementing other nice Cinema 4D features to make it integrate just like built-in renderer's as much as possible. I'm excited.



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