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  1. There is no way I would ever give up my perpetual license that's for sure for 2-3 hundred in savings. MAXON's treatment of long time studio customers was ridiculous, but at least they did a good job with the portal. I am liking the ability to easily move between multiple computers and have everything there how you left it. The way forward for me probably is to get a new subscription, which might be a long while. Let's hope they can convince me with awesome new features and their development speeds up. I'm still dissapointed they didn't get more in R21..integration of nodes with the rest of the app, xpresso, python. There is a serious disconnect with that stuff, but I'm relatively happy and still here. They could have so many more customers if they had chosen more reasonable pricing... like the yearly price but paid monthly or 12 month contract would have been pretty reasonable for a lot of hobbyists I think. The true monthly cost is just too much.
  2. Thanks! looking forward to checking it out
  3. I hope Team Render stability is improved and people are reporting bugs/problems. I haven't used it yet, but plan to soon and will see I guess how it works for me.
  4. Yeah.. I'm hopeful Redshift integration will make some improvements in 2020. It definitely has been a bit dissapointing after the initial hopefuleness and excitement and their claim to bring complete integration of Redshift in Cinema 4-D. There is just so much cool stuff that native C4D renderers can do that Redshift isn't compatible with....and I'm not sure if some of these features will ever happen now seeing how things are going. But we still should see some good things happening... we need a fully supported c4d nodes and keep improving the Node API.
  5. This is really good news. Red Giant makes some awesome tools and I'm sure it will make C4D better. I'm definitely thinking what Igor said "imagine the possibilities". I'm not sure why there are so many that seem to think this isn't great news and a good match. Compositing and post production workflows integration in 3-D apps offer a lot of innovative possibilities for sure.
  6. This would be a pretty cool script and could have some nice potential features. For jumpstarting ideas and getting your scene sort of pre-organized. I would definitely be interested in something like this too.
  7. I feel like compositing is a core aspect of 3-D and I sure hope MAXON isn’t making decisions based on Adobe but their product improvement as a hole. Lots of people I would imagine don’t like creative cloud, want nodal composting, but nuke is too expensive and fusion is being run by Blackmagic and questionable decision making. But yes I’d be very pleasantly surprised
  8. Cinema 4D with a built in compositor is my dream too! Igor this sounds good, I guess we'll see but we haven't seen anything to prove this yet. Right now I just want a new release with bug fixes, and Redshift working with C4D nodes in R21... like the stated R21 feature, the node API. It's nearing 3 months since R21 release.
  9. Certainly glad to see this but I can certainly understand how this looks given the lack of updates and improvements to current technology and workflows. Let’s hope development picks up. I’m sure they are aware.....it’s just very slow going. Hopefully Redshift support for c4d nodes soon. Node third party api was one of the main reasons I renewed my MSA to get R21
  10. This is stated on their website. I would like to know how to accomplish this too. "With the Trace Multi-Ray node you can generate advanced shading effects like ambient occlusion, blurry reflections, rounded edges and more"
  11. Uh Yeah...I'm sure I could think of some things. There are many ways Xpresso could be more powerful.. just go back and look at all of Softimage ICE and the many custom nodes users made over the years. You have a plethora of info to pull from.
  12. Yeah, but this isn't a new feature. This is a feature that was promised and wasn't delivered. All I know is the confusing information in the Redshift Forums. It would be an atrocity to not have promised feature of R21 .
  13. Not having a huge feature ready at release.. the node API is dissapointing, but I just want them to get it right. I can tell you if compete node spaces API and Redshift compatibility doesn't come as a free update to R21, It would probably immediately make me never use Cinema 4-D again. That's the main feature I upgraded my MSA for. I have faith that MAXON would never do that.

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