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  1. that is awesome news! looking forward to the R20 Control4D. Thanks kvb!
  2. I bought this one and have used it a few times with no problems, http://www.hootech.com/video-to-picture-image-converter/
  3. This is slightly related since pose morph is the only way to go. I've always wanted for soft selection to work on FFD's and also splines. Why not? Also when you animate a spline with a morph target it doesn't take the bezier curve handles into account. That should work too. Thanks for the opportunity to vent a little bit..
  4. There is a lot I want. But I'll be dissapointed if we don't get new xpresso with new nodes, awesome 3rd party nodal support, and some performance improvements. I can't even imagine how amazing a compositor in Cinema 4D would be with new nodes system, tied to an updated Bodypaint.... a nice dream.
  5. In my brief googling I could find only one convoluted way. Find a way to convert 3D connexion to midi with something like this. https://github.com/skwerner/MIDINavigator and then use camgrip tools plugin to get midi in. I think it is able to record keyframes although I haven't tried it. It would be nice if it supported 3D mouse directly.
  6. I'm pretty sure Redshift doesn't support movie files. It only supports image sequences as textures. You can use a baking node but it will slow things down. Hopefully this will change soon at least in C4D , but it's probably a core limitation of the renderer currently.
  7. NIce.. this will be helpful for me if I ever get Z brush. Thanks
  8. Amazing! I'm glad I upgraded to R20 and got back on the MSA. "Seamless integration in Cinema 4D" There is so much awesome potential...with I'm sure lots of new cool stuff coming. Imagine Redshift team implementing other nice Cinema 4D features to make it integrate just like built-in renderer's as much as possible. I'm excited.
  9. Just in case anyone runs into this. I managed to switch the open gl renderer in nvidia control panel/program settings for C4D to use the 660. This made a huge difference and my viewport navigation and lagginess in Cinema 4D that I was having is gone so far when rendering in Redshift. I'm not sure how long it's been like this. I can't believe it took me this long to figure this out.
  10. I've just discovered something that is odd. I use Redshift and Octane and have three graphics cards. A GTX Titan and a 660TI dedicated for rendering and a 660 that is for supposed to be for the display. My PC is clearly pretty old and working hasn't been exactly smooth, but this issue might be contributing to that. I noticed when I looked at the "Show OpenGL Capabilities" window in OpenGl preferences, it is showing my Titan as the Rendererer. All my monitors are plugged into the 660 and that is what I want to use for openGL. This doesn't make any sense to me and I can't find a way to change this?
  11. No.. I haven't reported it but I will. Is there an official way to report bugs or just contact support? This is happening in all views, both orthographic and perspective, there is nothing I have found to get it to stop. It's a real bummer for what I'm trying to do right now. I'll try it on my other MSA installation when I get a chance to see if it is happening there too.
  12. Hi I've come across a very annoying problem that occurs when I try to move a bezier handle on any spline point. When I try to move the bezier handle both handles stretch out and jump. I'm not sure what is going on. I have all snapping off. Has anyone else come across this? Any suggestions? It's hard to imagine if this was a bug more people would have complained about it by now. I'm using R20.057 latest version. Thanks Mike
  13. I wanted this for myself recently and found a script. import c4d, os from c4d import gui, documents #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): c4d.documents.LoadFile(c4d.storage.GeGetC4DPath(c4d.C4D_PATH_LIBRARY_USER)+os.sep+"layout"+os.sep+"masrs1.l4d") if __name__=='__main__': main() Just replace masrs1.l4d with your layout name. Mike
  14. OK. Cool. (I look forward to getting my hands on Seamilar and PolyGnome when I finally get a little spare cash) Thanks!



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