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  1. OK. Cool. (I look forward to getting my hands on Seamilar and PolyGnome when I finally get a little spare cash) Thanks!
  2. That is great..I'd love to test it out. (I still only have a gmail account that blocks everything though)
  3. stoecklem

    Think of New Features for C4D

    There are certainly lots of things I would like... but I'm really hopeful MAXON comes through with an awesome Node Editor API for third party renderers and Xpresso with the new nodes. Also I would really like to be able just drag and drop materials into a node window and have multiple materials being controlled from one node editor, just like the new Corona Node editor. I haven't used the nodes much yet, but what is the point of having all the materials types in there as nodes..you can't seem to do anything with them? So for me... the top right now. new Xpresso nodes, new node API, global node editor(if you so choose) with ability to edit multuple materials/objects. and UV, Bodypaint, and performance improvements.
  4. This would definitely be very nice and what I was hoping as well (not that the submenus aren't awesome). Is there some way install second version of the plugin?
  5. This is great news. I'd like to purchase all your plugins, especially this and Seamilar, but I didn't get them in time before they were taken down. Can't wait to get my hands on this!
  6. This is great! Thanks.. really looking forward to it.
  7. That is awesome! Sad to hear all that. Your work is truly appreciated by me. I use Dials all the time. It's great with a wacom tablet and It's nice to have a simple Pie menu in addition to C4D's built in popups. I just wish I could have more than one.
  8. I think there is some potential for some improvements and additional functionality here. Lightwave's global node editor is pretty cool where you can use one node editor to control lots of different materials. I still have to look into using assets