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  1. Cinema 4D with a built in compositor is my dream too! Igor this sounds good, I guess we'll see but we haven't seen anything to prove this yet. Right now I just want a new release with bug fixes, and Redshift working with C4D nodes in R21... like the stated R21 feature, the node API. It's nearing 3 months since R21 release.
  2. Certainly glad to see this but I can certainly understand how this looks given the lack of updates and improvements to current technology and workflows. Let’s hope development picks up. I’m sure they are aware.....it’s just very slow going. Hopefully Redshift support for c4d nodes soon. Node third party api was one of the main reasons I renewed my MSA to get R21
  3. This is stated on their website. I would like to know how to accomplish this too. "With the Trace Multi-Ray node you can generate advanced shading effects like ambient occlusion, blurry reflections, rounded edges and more"
  4. Uh Yeah...I'm sure I could think of some things. There are many ways Xpresso could be more powerful.. just go back and look at all of Softimage ICE and the many custom nodes users made over the years. You have a plethora of info to pull from.
  5. Yeah, but this isn't a new feature. This is a feature that was promised and wasn't delivered. All I know is the confusing information in the Redshift Forums. It would be an atrocity to not have promised feature of R21 .
  6. Not having a huge feature ready at release.. the node API is dissapointing, but I just want them to get it right. I can tell you if compete node spaces API and Redshift compatibility doesn't come as a free update to R21, It would probably immediately make me never use Cinema 4-D again. That's the main feature I upgraded my MSA for. I have faith that MAXON would never do that.
  7. mine isn't working either. it worked yesterday. It says no user account was found. this isn't good.. they better get this fixed soon.
  8. I love Cinema 4D but honestly I may have looked elsewhere if they hadn’t bought Redshift. R21 is nice but the lack of a big much needed feature or two is really disappointing. And the lack of any respect for their Studio MSA customers during this transition....but I still renewed and now I just want to see development pick up for both C-4D and Redshift and the “seamless integration”. There is just so much untapped awesomeness there. And yeah I sure hope they do release some big long awaited features.. I think it would help everything. I still can’t believe xpresso hasn’t been updated. Development needs to pick up.. I don’t even care if I don’t get the features for awhile. Will be interesting to see how I’m feeling next August
  9. I'm certainly not happy about a lot of things about all this, but time will tell. I'm not throwing MAXON with Adobe just because they went subscription. Maybe I am too hopeful, but I think development pace will pick up and good things are coming. R21 is seriously lacking in features that I was sure would make it into this release. If they don't make it in soon, then I may be looking at other options. All these changes need to be good for development. MAXON is not Adobe and I'll keep believing it hopefully for quite awhile longer.
  10. You shouldn't have to renew to get R21 though. You are good to go. Any active MSA on the release date will get perpetual R21. You won't be able to renew you MSA though in March. since new MSA's are dying tomorrow. That's how I understood it.
  11. 3D max added this feature years ago to use vector files as textures. True vector files that would maintain resolution. To me this is so awesome and useful. I figured others would soon do this too, but nope. This feature would be so great in Cinema 4D
  12. Just to update this thread. I did hear from Steve R from sales that R21 includes 5 render nodes. For some reason I have yet to hear if these nodes will require an internet connection. I'm not sure why its so hard to get this answer, hopefully because they are figuring out a way to make a node not require an internet connection.
  13. Yeah. It’s unfortunate MAXON didn’t have more impressive features to show. As others have said, it would have really helped. I know they are probably working on some good things and I’ll always appreciate the number 1 priority of Cinema 4-d being stability. That is what definitely cannot change. I just hope they really do have some good things in the works. Including xpresso and massively improved viewport object handling. My confidence in this stuff happening is not as high as it used to be.
  14. It's strange how I can't get this important information from support or here as of yet. You would think something like this would be made clear.
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