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  1. Awesome. Thanks... looking forward to checking these out.
  2. I’ve never used it but that is exactly what I was thinking. Seems like a nice feature and a real shame they removed it.
  3. yes.. I would love to see some sort of sdk/api like they talked about with the release of R21. the node API I thought maybe being available at some point. It's unfortunate that still the material nodes system is not scriptable and has no python access.
  4. Interesting. I had never heard of centileo. I didn’t know there was another renderer out there using new node system.
  5. yeah definitely +1. More things like Grasshopper has in Rhino.
  6. I would be happy with the yearly price but being able to pay monthly. I'm fine signing a contract for a year, but it's much easier for a lot of people to pay monthly. And the monthly mark up is just too much. I mean I'm still on an original titan with redshift. I need to save up money for some new hardware.. but with all the software prices it's hard and paying up front for year makes it harder. I do hope to start making money one day with 3-D, but the cost of a hobbyist with two small kids and a full time job... it's tough.
  7. ok cool.. that's what I thought.. but just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  8. can we get some further clarification on this since your comment confuses me a bit ? But they should be able to do everything xpresso can eventually right? when everything is part of the new core(scene nodes). ie. there will be a new pose morph tag that is part of the new core, that I will then be able to drive from data from a scene node graph.
  9. Sorry to hear that C4DS. Your plugins are awesome. MAXON should really offer reduced price licenses for developers or even free versions with a watermarked render output. They are now the highest price software by far and the price for developers to keep upgrading to offer support is much too high and this really hurts. Having more developers creating plugins helps everybody.
  10. That makes sense. I guess it won't be a "super xpresso" until everything is remade with scene nodes. Definitely not a word that is appropriate at this point. I've been waiting for a new xpresso for awhile, but this will thousand times better:)
  11. Thanks Hrvoje, but what I'm missing is the ability to drive parameters of objects from the scene node graph, like xpresso can as well. The legacy object import thing is something I'm still getting my head around, because it doesn't seem to be a live connection I don't believe and loses a lot of power there. same with the material example posted. there are lots of instances playing around where the parameters on the nodes aren't doing anything. there is no connection to the rest of c4d I guess. In ice I had rigs of lots of different splines with a bunch of morph targets being driven by th
  12. Understood.. thanks for the posts... the future sure is bright. and thanks for your training video. I'm half way through and it's been really helpful.
  13. Really good post and keep it up. I was also missing any way to visualize data. A really striking omission. There is so much that they can learn and use from ice. one thing that I have to mention is really stupid is the new icons. Can we please get an option to turn those Icons off? I don’t want to reads the fx icon 50 times in a node graph. And it makes the node name harder to read. also an unrelated note I like in c4d that we can change the color scheme of everything. Maybe I am missing something but I can’t find away to change the node editor colors. I’ll be
  14. This is pretty ridiculous. Another reason they need to include redshift.
  15. I would also love some insight. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it today. It is really great and could be amazing if this is really plan to make literally everything nodes. The viewport performance is incredible. It’s certainly not an xpresso replacement yet.. you can’t drag objects in and access everything to connect any parameters throughout the app. I would love to be able to access pose morphs to recreate some of the face rigs I made in xsi a long time ago. also more node spline stuff and something like ice strands would be awesome. I’m impressed though. Really excited about


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