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  1. Trapcode Particular was the first plugin I bought for After Effects many years ago so Red Giant will always have a special place in my heart I love their trapcode suite and they're super helpful with any questions I've had for them in the past. I didn't sign up for their subscription as I don't need access to everything, just the few standalone plugins is what I've being using. Look forward to see what kind of things this merger brings in the future.
  2. This goes through the later steps after the machines can see each other on the same network and have clients installed already
  3. 1 full license of R21 allows for 5 team render clients on the same network. I can't remember exactly if you need to release the license from the main machine in order to install on the render clients. I remote desktop between the main machine and my 2 team renders so releasing the license is easy. Team render I think is included in the main install. I think I just went through the normal install for each machine which includes a team render shortcut. Then you need to verify/configure the team render with port number / password so they can talk to each other. When using C4D on your main machine and want to render out to the clients, you just start up the team client and not the main C4d on each of the machines. There's a team render machines drop-down from the render that will show green icon against each of the team renders when they're available. If you update the main machine C4d version then you'll also need to update the C4d versions of each of the team renders so they're all on same version.
  4. Anyone catch these? Love this style Love seeing behind the scenes too.
  5. Just got to update today. Thanks a million @RBarrett and MAXON! Very much appreciated.
  6. I think this is something in the Nvidia settings. Looks exactly like the bug I used to get. I posted some screenshots of the settings here hopefully it resolves your issue
  7. Jeez that is ridiculous. It reminds me of a Facebook group for life drawing classes getting removed because they shared the life drawings after each class. Hopefully it's temporary.
  8. Agreed this is very sad. I think it has to reach a crazy high followers/minutes viewed threshold before it can be monetized?
  9. I didn't test the demo in R20 as I thought I'd just wait it out for the demo to be released for R21....which it has just updated today! https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/27597/ * [C4D] Support for TurbulenceFD in Cinema 4D R21. Requires TurbulenceFD v1.1448 or greater * [C4D] Addressed an issue in R21 where previews in the material manager would not update under certain conditions.
  10. I had this issue appear on my old setup and then on my new setup last year. Just thinking now, the only thing not replaced between these two setups is my monitor which is an old DELL ST2410. Other than the monitor it doesn't make any sense for this to reoccur.
  11. Yep it certainly is strange. I don't know if this is a very common issue because I couldn't find others reporting it before. I must have experienced it when upgraded to R20 because that was in March of last year. It was September last year when I re-registered to this site and this issue was one of the first threads I created. I've saved these screenshots to the cloud in case this thread is archived in future. Also IIRC you need to undo the changes for Cinebench to work properly. It freezes at a certain point. This is why I don't think it's common, but I just thought it was my PC and worked with it for years.
  12. It looks like all the bug threads have been removed that were posted before August
  13. Actually I'm just realising that I don't know if this issue no longer appeared in R20/R21. So I can't say if my settings have reverted back to a default state.
  14. I had this exact issue in R15. I posted a solution on here but it looks like the thread has been removed. I can't find it in my post history. As 3DKiwi said, it's the nVidia control panel settings. I can't remember which ones that changed so I'll just post mine here again.
  15. You can find hand/arm models (some are free) on cgtrader: https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models?keywords=hand

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