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  1. Big surprise and a very good move! I’m using octane due to the low monthly sub. Looking forward to see if/how they integrate redshift with c4d.
  2. This is excellent. I paid for one of the courses a couple of months ago but no regrets doing so. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. I like the 6 month short term options currently available, although maybe make ones available of 12 and 24 months as well - £150 per month for 12 months with option to buy perpetual for a fee (£750?) + maintenance. - £150 per month for 24 months with option of perpetual at the end + maintenance. 12 months in allow users to upgrade a newer version for £1000. - £100 rolling monthly rental, no perpetual. All prices inclusive of VAT of course An extended rental is probably my route to upgrading from R15 rather than straight out full fee. I'm not in a big rush to do that just yet though.
  4. I went to run Cinebench R15 and got this "OpenGL Reference Matching Test Failure" error. In order to get Cinebench to work I went back into "Adjust image settings with preview" and selected "Let the 3D application decide" Cinebench then worked a charm. Only thing was the 'glitch' resurfaced with the rectangle selection tool, so I then applied the different settings in the earlier posts to get that working again. Just relieved to know what to changes to make to get my C4D up and running.
  5. Just to update this. My upgrade PC arrived with GTX 1080 Ti. Installed my R15 and experienced same issue as mentioned in the first post. I applied most of the changes to the Control Panel (I left max pre-rendered frames at default).. and it worked!
  6. Sure thing! I'll stick up a few screenshots of the settings I played with. I'm unsure which one of these actually resolved it though, but hopefully you can compare and see if there's anything you could apply to your setup. Just be careful if you do change anything, what works in mine might not necessarily work in yours. Right click on the Nvidia icon in the tray thing to bring up the Control Panel option 3D Settings Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings
  7. 100% problem was with the GPU. I performed a deep uninstall of Nvidia. There were some registry entries from AMD/ATI that the uninstall tool removed. Then done a clean install of latest Nvidia driver. (This actually freed up 10GB on my OS drive!). Unfortunately I made a bunch of changes in the Nvidia Control Panel from watching a few YouTube videos, that I don't know exactly what fixed it. I was browsing internet when both screens went black and then back , except the Windows theme changed to Basic I went in and changed theme to Aero. Opened C4D again and the tool was working like normal with OpenGL on. I was floored. Unless there was a delay from when the new driver was installed for that to take effect, so it could have been an old driver causing it. Since the issue began occurring when I had the Radeon AMD, it must have been an incompatible drive there. Doing the normal uninstall didn't clear it out until using the uninstall tool last night. Totally chuffed about it now though. It's like getting to use C4D for the first time again.
  8. Ah cool yeah that's no probs. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hi there, I originally created an account on 2nd July 2016. Admittedly I might have only logged into it a couple of times back then. When I recently tried to log back in it wouldn't accept the password. Selecting 'forgot password' I got a message of no record of my account. I had to rereg last night, but used the same email address I originally registered with back in 2016. Are accounts purged due to innactivity over a period of time?
  10. Absolutely craziest thing...it's working now! I done some messing around in the Nvidia Control Panel. This is nuts. Screen flickered a few times and it's actually working now. Only took me 5 years.
  11. Hi folks, Wandering if anyone would have any suggestions on what's happening in my C4D. I'm using R15 (have R14 installed too). Used it for a short while before having to focus on some other things for a couple of years. I've experienced issues with certain tools (rectangle selection & loop selection). Disabling OpenGL resolves that issue. Since getting back in to C4D I just get in a habit of enabling OpengGL and disabling when using those tools. Looking at others users specs though, I don't think I should be experiencing these issues? When first bought C4D I had some ATI Radeon GPU. Have since bought GTX970. The same 'glitch' appeared with both GPU's. My CPU's a bit old but it still handles nearly everything I put it through. Have an upgrade PC arriving in the next couple of weeks. The troubleshooting done to date is uninstalled all drivers, reinstalled and kept up to date. Uninstalled C4D and reinstalled onto the HDD. Just tonight have reinstalled R14 to the SSD. Specs are: Windows 7 CPU: i7-920 RAM: 24GB DDR3 Mobo: Gigabyte EX58-UD5 GPU: GTX 970 OS installed on 830 SSD - I've just installed R14 on the OS drive and still has that glitch after uninstalling it from the HDD R15 installed on HDD This is what I see when using the rectange select tool: The screen will flicker as well OpenGL Capabilities With OpenGL disabled



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