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  1. I wonder if MAXON have held off announcing even more features that will come out a few months into the release of R21 to tempt a higher conversion rate. I know that's what I'd do. There's a few things I'm hoping will be clarified by my reseller in September around the actual cost and options before making a decision on what to do. Looking forward to the R21.0 perpetual at least.
  2. Nobody is being forced to convert their R21 perpetual into a subscription.
  3. Hi there, Is it After Effects that is interpreting the sequence as 30 fps? You might need to adjust it in After Effects rather than in C4D. You are making the change from 30 to 24 in Project Settings and Output Frame Rate, so that might indicate the issue is in how AE is interpreting the footage. I'm not aware of the Student License limitations but some of the more experienced folks here might be.
  4. Is the attached what you're looking to do? I added Spherical Field to the Falloff. test.c4d
  5. Yeah I just replied by pure coincidence the video I was watching had that comment from the mod pop up. I thought I'd post it up here if it'd help. I checked out RLM as I'd never heard of it before and came across this link: https://help.MAXON.net/us/#1103 As you say, hopefully we all get official clarification
  6. I'm re-watching the Siggraph demos and in the chat window the MAXON moderator posted the message below. Perpetual either need to connect every 14 days or for completely offline use RLM.
  7. Good stuff Igor. It definitely lets me upload video. Sorry I didn't mean for you to get it working straight away. It was just in case you weren't aware of it. The video upload limit is 1.9MB which would be good for few seconds clip for sure. Obviously c4dcafe isn't a video streaming site so I fully understand the size limitations Unfortunately the video I have is just shy of 80MB which is 1 minute long. I'll just link to my Instagram or YouTube page for the longer videos.
  8. Hi @Igor, is the Post New Video disabled or something that will be coming in the future? I just tried it there and getting kind of error?
  9. I can't wait to play around with the Mixamo control rig! That force object potential is looking very sweet too. I was really impressed with the Siggraph demos this year. Just re-watching day 1 presentations. Some nice tips from Marti Romances & Jess Herrera. Loved the 30 day project breakdown by Duarte Elvas & Jake Allen. The AR by Meghan Newell wouldn't really be for myself. Just on the cartoon animation by Emiliano Topete is really brilliant for rigging tips.
  10. Sounds awesome! I just came across everfresh's cartoon shading tutorial yesterday. His works are super inspiring! Exciting times ahead!
  11. I'm liking the site update very much Igor. Fair play for the work yourself and others put into it It took me a while to notice the "highlighted art" was actually art from users. I was assuming it was a massive advert banner until took time to look at it Is that art from users uploading on the top menu Create > Gallery Image? I didn't notice that before but it was probably always there? Is there an upload limit to that?
  12. The communications (or lack of) around converting from perpetual to subscription very confusing and disappointing. The prices were available for people that have never used C4D, however it seemed like nothing solid was prepared for your current users. My license is with Ireland/UK and they said they're unable to comment on costs until September. That's very disappointing to hear. Can you please communicate what way the discounts will be. Will the Redshift bundle be available at discount for two years as well? Many of the presentations at Siggraph were excellent and I am looking forward to R21. I don't have an issue with converting to subscription if the discount makes sense to move off perpetual.

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