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  1. hobbyist


    These are awesome!
  2. I'm loving the new theme @Igor! I haven't experienced a forum that allowed such control over the appearance before so this is really new to me. I've been sticking to night mode 99% of the time. The darker font is ok to view on a screen outdoors here because Ireland is cloudy most of the time The toolbar on the bottom of the screen is different. Is that something you think is customizable to choose have it on top or just one setting for that? Just sometimes when move cursor down (on Windows) it'll move down a bit too far and my taskbar will pop up. Not a complaint as it'll just mean adjusting to new experience. Just one thing I notice when click the Day Mode is some boxes stay in the default style. I'll post screenshot below of what I mean there Awesome changes though! Really looking forward to all the new features you and the cafe team are bringing
  3. hobbyist

    School of Motion Cinema 4D Basecamp

    Decided to enrol for the School of Motion C4D Basecamp to help me get to know C4D better than continuously watching tutorials, with the plan to produce more art. 12 weeks of intense C4D outside of my day job is just what's required!
  4. Nice work @Igor and cafe crew!
  5. Cheers, I missed that. Distracted by the 5G.
  6. Maybe the confusion in this thread was someone mentioned keeping R21 along with the S22 + discount if you've got MSA. This isn't the case at all. License is converted from R21 to S22 but you will be able to access R21 as it's included in the subscription. I think up to 3 previous versions of whatever the current version is will be accessible when on subscription. Speak to your reseller to convert to subscription and avail of discount if you have a valid MSA. Get the additional 30% applied during the time of the deal to get that bit extra off. That's all there is to it.
  7. You'd probably want a few different renders for each level of detail e.g. satellite view > cloud level > cityscape > buildings/ street level Comp in some transitions like satellites/clouds/birds/planes as you zoom into the city to give the illusion it's all one continuous render.
  8. Only caught the entire Anthony Abbott Talos presentation. It was excellent. RedShift > Substance > C4D > AE. It's great these type of presentations are going to be a monthly thing for a while. Summer Sale announced for June 23rd to June 26th (72 hours) with 30% discount on annual subscriptions and Redshift licenses. This includes new Redshift perpetual license too. There will be a code released to apply on the 23rd. https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-news/article/coming-soon-our-30-off-blowout-summer-sale/
  9. Or you can buy it to own (at least at the moment you can).
  10. This is really super helpful, thank you! When I'm using team render I have them all render to local drives rather than render to one of the cloud drives. Although I think OneDrive works similar to Dropbox where you can set it to always have a file available local, on demand or clear it out.
  11. I'll mark this as solved for me as I have the offline help now
  12. I've narrowed down where the issue is but not the cause. I'm on 21.207 on both Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Laptop. Checked the Help Preferences. They were set to Online, but previously I had set this to offline back when that was made available. I downloaded the offline help and it's working without issue now on both machines. That's strange you can't reproduce it, by any chance are you using the offline or online Help CBR? The online Help been able to nest within the layout is great, I didn't realise that functionality was updated. Assumed online meant it was always going to open separate browser window. Will set it back to online if I can get it working without the blank screen.
  13. Anyone experiencing this issue with pressing back button on the Help? Say I do a search and get the results Click into any of them...all looking good When I hit the back arrow I get a blank screen I'm getting same issue on two separate machines
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