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  1. I think ProRender might be available in future as a separate plugin from AMD. Just that its integration with C4D has ended. I could be wrong, but I think it was somewhere on this forum I read that or something to that affect.
  2. Whoops.....it was the View Choose Startup view instead of my Startup (User) and there it is. Had to do a few lengthy team renders so couldn't mess with it. I saw some posts in the RS forums mentioning about renaming preferences, then realized I had a custom view... lol
  3. Cheers Mike yeah I went for a version that aligned with the current drivers on the laptop. When it didn't appear in the R21 menu then I updated graphics drivers and also updated RS to new version. That's when it appeared in R23. Maybe I should do a clean uninstall of all drivers with DDU, uninstall RS and start fresh again. I've got Octane as well though, so I hope it won't mess that up too...eek
  4. Weird, so it installed without issue on my main PC where I have even more plugins installed. Showing up for R21, R22 & R23
  5. In R21 everything looks like it's installed correctly except for missing menu on top
  6. Took the leap for Redshift...skipped trial and straight for purchase. On R21 the menu is not appearing but it is appearing for R23. I'm thinking there may be some plugin conflict or something interfering with R21 because I haven't installed any other plugins to R23. I went through the troubleshooting of the documentation but still no joy with R21. Is there any log created somewhere that I might be able take a look if any errors are showing? This is just on my laptop so I'll do another install on my main PC to see if same issue occurs.
  7. Do you have a different camera for each take? If keyframe the cameras for each take with the stage object would render out the different angles. You can create render takes for the specific frames you want produced as well I just learned. It's pretty versatile as it is, but not sure if this answers your question
  8. I read that only the 3090 will allow for SLI - https://www.pcworld.com/article/3573384/rip-sli-nvidia-geforce-rtx-30-series-slams-the-final-nail-in-multi-gpus-coffin.html
  9. Ohh some Octane and Redshift rendering results for the 3080 Source: https://techgage.com/article/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-rendering-performance/ They post more render results on their site for Arnold, Blender, V-Ray Octane: Redshift:
  10. RocketLasso covering R23 Nodes - Live now
  11. They'll be gold dust for a while no doubt. Hopefully the 2nd hand 2080Ti market might become more accessible though. A rig with two 2nd hand 2080Ti's might be something very achievable shortly compared to just a couple of weeks ago. Even though 3080 outperforms 2080Ti doesn't mean that 2080 is all of a sudden.
  12. RTX 3080 embargo lifted today and able to buy from tomorrow. RTX 3090 embargo lifted I guess the day before that's released too? Able to buy from 24th. The early 3080 benchmarks out obviously focus on gaming, but Linus did have a couple of Blender screenshots. 3090 should be an absolute beast. Source:
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