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  1. Looking forward to giving it a try. Cubes and Booles!
  2. World Creator 30% off until Nov 29th - World Creator - Real-time Terrain Generator and Landscape Generator (world-creator.com) Discount applied automatically at checkout
  3. Does each incremental release require a new install or does it update over the existing install? Say if you have a custom layout and lots of plugins do they all have to be configured again?
  4. What's the point in having the tools if you don't know how to use them! Learn Squared are having a 40% discount Black Friday Black Friday 2020 | Learn Squared | 40% Off All Courses
  5. @Cerbera - I noticed in the other thread about R23 crashing and you mentioned the Studio drive update. Since I've done that it's been stable for modeling. I got a number of crashes after installed SP (changing display to Isoparms and applying SubD would kill the app) but ran Nvidia update and it's smooth. I'm a bit wary of updating GPU drivers after had a nightmare with drivers before. Haven't updated driver on main machine as I'm in middle of render project on that but the issues I was experiencing were replicated across the different machines here. Update: might have jinxed
  6. There is yes. When you open up Geforce Experience > click the 3 dots and choose Studio Driver In the Available section it will tell you if it's Studio or Game Ready
  7. Yeah mine is up in March so I'll definitely avail of it if it's included
  8. In their newsletter Insydium mention the discount applies to all products excluding Merchandise and Subscriptions. Maintenance has been included in their promo/discounts previously so would be surprising if it wasn't included this year.
  9. Very straightforward install. Will get to use it properly after work and over the weekend but from the small sample tests it's running noticeably smoother than my previous version.
  10. Support got back to me saying there's technical issue why it's not available within app. It can be downloaded from the website directly - https://www.MAXON.net/en/downloads
  11. See, the place is falling apart since you left
  12. It did cross my mind that it might be related to subscription and the forgotten perpetual users Should I contact support or just wait? I'm sure Dave or Rick mentioned SP's are available to Sub and Perpetual. The issues I encountered were random crashes on Redshift (freeze and disappear) and not copying materials between scenes (freeze and nothing). Want to wait until SP installed before log any tickets to support.
  13. Ah fair enough. Sure I'll see if it drops in the next day
  14. Also @Cerbera is the SP available to you for download?
  15. Yeah I wanted to stress it's from my own experience. Out of curiosity do you use Redshift in your workflow? I've found most of my crashes have been in conjunction with using Redshift
  16. Absolutely. I've been using R23.008 solid for the last few weeks and from my own experience I wouldn't use it in a Production workflow.
  17. Oh good I'll update and see if it's fixed some of the issues I've been experiencing.
  18. Mograph Mentor with early Black Friday 40% discount. Use code: GIVETHANKS https://www.mographmentor.com/
  19. That's an awesome story! I was lucky enough to do 4 month work experience in an animation studio when I was on a year break from college. I studied classical animation back then (2000). I got to spend time in every department of the studio, Storyboarding, Animation, Layout, FX and Admin. Amazing few months. Actually, that experience put me off wanting to pursue a career in an animation studio. In college I had all these ideas for little short animations I wanted to do, but in the studio I realized I'd basically be working on a factory floor following someone else's creative ideas wit
  20. Good stuff, I've never considered those type of offers. You're a bit of a mind reader though! The few side jobs opened a window of opportunity which I jumped at. The 4th machine I got is a very recent upgrade. 3970X 32 Core with RTX 3090. I'm thinking this is the last machine I buy for a good few years...unless I get a lot more of those side jobs. Not sure I'm utilizing the 3090 in Redshift properly though. Need more time learning it over the next few months. Hopefully will post some shiny rendered cubes or something under a different alias .
  21. I could have worded it better. Really I actively use 2 PC's and a laptop but all of can take part in a team render. 1 PC more geared towards music production, the other is 3D beast and laptop good for light 3D. Only recently I did get a couple of 3D side hustles but won't be changing my username just yet .


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