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  1. I have got information directly from MAXON: "Dear Marco, If you renew your MSA you would get the R21 as perpetual license first. Then you can decide to stay with this license or to switch to subscription. It is correct that with the switch to subscription the perpetual license of R21 is no longer valid. But you could also keep the perpetual of R21 and start with a new subscription – there are several options." Yes it would be nice if MAXON would warn people of switching form perpetual to subscription. You will always loose R21 perpetual by switching. So after renewing my MSA (to get perpetual R21), a two year subscription with 20% discount would make no sense for me, because i would be throwing out a $3K investment.
  2. I have found a clear answer on this post (siggraph posts) In short, you loose perpetual (R21) by converting to subscription (when new version R22 arrives) What you can do is not converting from perpetual R21, but going for a new subscription R22 and onwards. This way you do not loose your perpetual R21 (and not having to pay anymore), and from R22 and onwards you go with the subscription model. I my case, my MSA R20 expires end of august, the best choice is renew (for the last time my MSA) and get perpetual R21. From R22 (august 2020) i will take a new subscription (R22) or take a conversion for two year subscription (R22 and R23) with a 20% discount (but loose my R21 perpetual. I then still have my R20 perpetual.
  3. Thanks @Marander for the info. It is good to know that by taking the reduced 2 year special offer i will loose my perpetual studio license (then R21). So i keep my R20 license. However MAXON is on their info page regarding subscriptions not clear on this, they state "perpetual" "never expires". It should read "perpetual, never expires, until you switch to subscription".
  4. There is something strange about the subscription and perpetual model. I have been informed by my local MAXON agent, that ones you choose the subscription model, you loose your perpetual license (i believe from R21 onwards). I am doubting this information as does my local MAXON agent and they and i myself contacted MAXON directly to clarify this. Hopefully next week i will here more on this. So it looks like a choice between perpetual (and going to pay for upgrades) or subscription. If i renew my MSA (for the last time before the end of august) i get R21 perpetual, but when i move to subscription (in august 2020) i wil loose my perpetual R21 license. That doesn't seem right. Perpetual does mean it never expires (for that particular version). I hope to hear more on this form MAXON.
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