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  1. Hey there. As i've recently switched from 3DS Max to C4D, i'm looking for an efficient way to rebuild my asset library. Part of that will be converting files, and the other part will be organizing all the files i already have that are made for C4d (for example, lots of the models that I purchased previously came with C4D models as well, that were just sitting until now). There is an awesome script for Max called Library Track/Relink (http://www.pixamoon.com/shop/4587562584/library-track-relink-.../9337230) that allowed me to relink maps, resave files, convert scenes to different render engines, and even run custom scripts, all without opening the files. I could relink all the assets within hundreds of files with a few clicks. Is there any asset management script that even gets remotely close to that with C4D? or am i stuck opening files one by one and relinking using the texture management stuff within c4d? If not, i'm very open to how you think would be the best approach. ultimately, i'm looking to build catalogs that can be shared among 4 or 5 users across different locations. We use dropbox, but have our dropbox folder all in the same location so files can be linked to their assets rather than building lib4d files and essentially duplicating all of our 3dmodels and textures. Thank you for the guidance!
  2. Hi there. I've recently switched from 3DSMax+Vray to C4D+Vray and am looking to get a similar functionality for being able to preview maps in the viewport in a similar way. There was a toggle to "Show map in viewport" in Max that i can't seem to locate in c4d. I would like to be able to view all the maps individually (for example, tweak the scale of just the reflection glossiness map and see the results in the viewport without having to render). Is there a way? Thank you.
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