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  1. I dig this setup as well. Think it gives a much different dramatic feel to how this is gonna get implemented, I got a lotta cool ideas on how to build on top of these and take them a step further. Ill post some progress as this project continues !
  2. Man. Bless you, i had been trying to do a method like this originally but the way i was building it was far to complicated. I was just getting in a mental rutt. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! ! ! !
  3. HSrdelic, Thank you for your response and taking a stab at this I really appreciate it. This is close - all I need to do is be able to clone it via iterate with a step effector at -1 uniform scale and then i guess set a time offset so the points are staggered while extending out from their original position and then jump back to their original position , i hope that makes sense ! I downloaded your project file and it seems I'm unable to clone them and apply the step effector on top of that, any idea whats going on there? Since I posted I started taking a dive into a python modifier, but i do feel I'm making this much much more complicated then it needs to be.
  4. Hello! Ive been struggling with trying to achieve a desired look for small short im making, and am new to xpresso but felt it was the only way to achieve what I am going for. The idea is that I want to create a effector that works like an attracter on the 4 corner points of a cube or rectangle spline. Then I want to simply be able to have an effector with falloff be able to pass over the corner points of the cube / rectangle spline and it pulls the points with the effecter as if passed over and then snaps back once the effector has passed over it. I have an example scene of my current xpresso rig.. It is just nulls tied to the position of the 4 corner points, this works well for a single instance of the rectangle but when I put this object into a cloner the points don't separately form each other but rather all points are pulled at the same time. Below is a sample scene and a screenshot still of how this xpresso rig would affect the rectangle. Thank you! Any little bit of knowledge helps, im in to try anything ! Cinema 4d Studio R18 Windows 10 Pro / Intel i7 8700k / GTX 1080ti spline xpresso.c4d

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