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  1. I wish MAXON would improve these features. C4d has so much going for it. And to have to switch to other applications because basic functionality is missing is painful. Same goes for uv mapping which hasn't changed in years despite constant empty promises. Its R20 now......
  2. Currently when baking normal maps from high to low poly, projection occurs perpendicular to low poly objects normal faces. Which produces attached result. A projection cage feature needs to be added to solve this Xnormal has cage feature but its pretty inconvenient to export every object to xnormal
  3. Hi Is anyone using cinema 4d to bake normal maps for game engines? How effective is the baking normal map feature in the bake texture tag? With regard to high poly to low poly I am aware that the raycasting feature was implemented in r18 onwards. In max and modo....cage projection can be used for baking normal maps. Is this feature needed in cinema 4d? Or are the current tools sufficient? Can the same results be achieved that are achieved in max and modo Are there any detailed workflow guides to explain this process in cinema 4d. I have a read the manual numerous times in order to understand the workflow and have been unsuccessful. I have seen a couple videos on the topic but nothing detailed enough to apply to more complex objects. I am aware of the tutorial on cineversity describing the process of baking normal maps with cinema 4d and xnormal. But would cost 300 dollars to sign up for a single tutorial. Is there any future for cinema 4d in game content creation? Is anyone using it for game assets? Thanks in advance :)

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