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  1. Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to make a shader that can create a greyscale map based on how much an object is illuminated by for example a spot light. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Creating a vertex map could also work, but other than some clunky X-particles workaround I can't come up with a solution for that either. Feels like I might be overlooking something obvious..? Thanks in advance for any help on this!
  2. Thanks a ton Hrvoje! That helped indeed, and led me to solving my color problem in my actual X-particles setup through emitting all the needed particles at frame 1, and then trigger their movement a few at a time. The simulation now works well running in the viewport, but when I try to render it with the Standard renderer it fails within a few frames every time. If I lower the amount of shapes alot it renders as expected but that is unfortunately not an option. I guess I'm using the Spline wrap and the Fracture object in a combination that is not meant to be perhaps. Is there maybe a way to bake out the whole sim to be able to render it properly? Or any kind of workaround? I finally got the result I've been after for quite some time and now I can't get it rendered, frustration galore.. :)
  3. Hello! I'm spline wrapping a capsule onto a bunch of tracers eminating from some particles. The capsules sit in a Fracture object to make them separate objects to able to use the Mograph toolset on them. It's mostly working as expected, but when I try to use the Mograph Multi Shader to assign a random color to the capsules they behave erratically and some are flickering between the colors occasionally. All I want is for the capsules to have a random color set from within a given color range and keep that color forever. Hopefully there is a tweak to the current setup that will solve it? Or if not I'm open for other solutions, just hopefully without having to duplicate the setup a bunch of times or so. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance! Fracture_SplineWrap_Random_Color_01.c4d
  4. Endless thanks Teknow! Your second example lead me to a solution that works, finally :) I ended up letting the matrix create the spline around an undeformed cylinder, after which I made the splines editable and Surface deformed them onto my deformed guide shape. This was to get the splines following the surface continuously so that I simply could spline wrap my objects onto them and have them smoothly deform to the undulating surface. Again, I really appreciate the help! This had been bugging me for quite some time, but I learned alot on the way.
  5. Hello, I have a setup where I have particles following along a surface while swirling around it so to speak. Everything is kind of working as I want it to, except from that the particles are not following the deforming surface precisely enough. How can I fix this? And please note, X-particles is not an option :) I've attached what I got so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm also open for other solutions for how to have particles swirl up and around an object in an somewhat controllable fashion. Cheers! TP_Follow_Surface_Test_01.c4d

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