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  1. Hi! how to achive something like this in c4d idea.mp4
  2. here is the animation https://bit.ly/2Nlt6ZZ
  3. HI! how to achive something like this? https://bit.ly/2Nlt6ZZ thanks
  4. hi I want certain things to disappear when they are in the space within the 'logo' frame, but when it spins round the other side the other stuff is visible. this is what I mean....I Can do it in post But I want to know if c4d can do that...thanks
  5. Hi! I have a scene with: 1_part 1 2_part 2 3_Logo I want to use logo as mask…between 2 groups objects So my question is how to (to mask/hide) part 1 while Logo is rotating and to show part 2 see atach thanks test_sot.c4d
  6. hi....any advise to achive something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esMoZ_mJq0s thanks
  7. hi....I have mixed 2 animation from mixamo .......these 2 animations are 186 frame but my project is 250 frame I need to extend or freeze the last animation....any idea thanks test ok.zip
  8. hi....I am trying to mix to animation from mixamo, but the second jump to begining of animation....any idea...thanks mixamo mix.zip
  9. hi... is it possible to make light streak in cinema 4d thanks Light Streak.mp4
  10. hi....I need for something like this..... any idea.
  11. gentib

    Fiber Optics

    hi.....much appreciated......any idea abotu Emitters Along Spline Path.......thanks
  12. gentib

    Fiber Optics

    hi...1 _I need to create Fiber optics something like this.....see image thanks
  13. hi...any idea how to achive something like this...
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