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  1. hi....any advise to achive something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esMoZ_mJq0s thanks
  2. hi....I have mixed 2 animation from mixamo .......these 2 animations are 186 frame but my project is 250 frame I need to extend or freeze the last animation....any idea thanks test ok.zip
  3. hi....I am trying to mix to animation from mixamo, but the second jump to begining of animation....any idea...thanks mixamo mix.zip
  4. hi... is it possible to make light streak in cinema 4d thanks Light Streak.mp4
  5. hi....I need for something like this..... any idea.
  6. gentib

    Fiber Optics

    hi.....much appreciated......any idea abotu Emitters Along Spline Path.......thanks
  7. gentib

    Fiber Optics

  8. gentib

    Fiber Optics

    hi...1 _I need to create Fiber optics something like this.....see image thanks
  9. hi...any idea how to achive something like this...
  10. hi....I need something like this https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-man-hands-rigged-model/1100386 ....any idea.....thanks
  11. thanks for everything...it is time for me to advance more. thank's
  12. hi...sorry for all these time...It so hard for me to connect to cloners?.....maybe it is time for me to go back to blener. thank' for suupport
  13. hi...no...no...I need to generate another cloner there .....I want to achive something like this.....https://prnt.sc/l44sd0 network.c4d
  14. first of all thank you for support, now I am at the final step......I need to generate another cloner to one of object... thanks test ok.c4d

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