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  1. Hi there! I am new to Cinema, having come from a different 3D package, and have been playing around with the Python API to create various scripts replicating certain functionality in my original software. These scripts have been very simple, typically calling/toggling commands (with 'c4d.CallCommand(id)', for example), and I have been binding them to different keyboard shortcuts using the 'Customise Commands' Manager. My issue is that I'm creating a large number of small '.py' script files and assigning them manually to shortcuts, and feel that it would be much more manageable and efficient for me to merge my scripts into one main file and assign shortcuts from within it. As a result, I was wondering if there is an easy way of triggering these individual script commands within the main script file as a result of user-inputted keypresses? For example, the type of thing I'm looking to achieve is: if user_presses_F10_key: c4d.CallCommand(12083) # Change to 'Top' view elif user_presses_CTRL+TAB_keys: c4d.CallCommand(12080) # Change to 'Right' view Any help/detailed answer would be really appreciated as I'm still fairly new to Python in general too! Thanks!

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