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  1. Thanks CBR! I think you've broken it down quite nicely - yes this is probably something more abstract than based on real technology but made to look awesomely realistic - thanks to the renderers. And I agree there's no getting around the 'hundreds of cloners/ simple primitives' which should not be crazy hard since its somewhat abstract. Many thanks again!
  2. Hi All, I know there's no one size fits all answer for this, but can I ask if anyone has any effective manner of achieving this look? Maybe in terms of modelling/ texturing? Thanks!
  3. Gosh! Works like a charm! Many thanks to jed and Cerbera!
  4. Hi I have a silly question - is there a way to delete all 'missing' texture tags at one go? Without having to shift select manually...
  5. Really wonder what's the point of even coming up with ProRender?
  6. I'm on 20, did exactly the same thing, reloaded, restarted etc etc but still the trees happily stayed on. Maybe a bug perhaps? Can't solve it...but thanks!
  7. Hi am new at Prorender, had to use it for work and can't do Octane or Redshift on my Mac so here goes. I am doing a basic setup/ render with some reflections on PBR materials, but I realised there's a default HDRI scene of trees that I can't remove. I've tried 'Environment override' on the Viewport>Enhanced openGL>Reflections setting and also Editor>Reflectance Preview directly on the material, tried adding Sky/ Physical Sky (as a hack) from something I read somewhere but to no avail. Kindly advise thanks!
  8. Hi, this is probably a very noob problem but I don't know how to solve it. I have my floor material set to Reflection(Legacy) with just about 7% roughness. And it buzzes like mad. Is there a simple way to just stop the buzz without going into sampling, anti-aliasing settings etc? Thanks buzz.mp4

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