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  1. Oh man, who would have guessed it was so easy! thanks a bunch Hrvoje!
  2. Is there a way to model a trefoil knot using formula in Cinema? There is a material preview option which displays the knot so I presume it is doable :-) Would appreciate some help with this..
  3. I would like to see more of TD ones you make already, such as ship on water or rolling carpet example, those are all really great! Can you make a Jack in the box video? :O)
  4. my modelling skills are, well, not even close to yours :p . Your idea about switching models is so simple and I can't believe I didn't think about that, thanks!
  5. hello cafe I would need help with creating animation where doughnut is eaten away in few chunks and am really stuck. If you can imagine that stop motion animation where pieces are bitten off one by one (there is no mouth or actor). I tried voronoi and volumes but it simply looks really lame. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. wow, that is amazing setup, thank you so much! I only miss how to break up the spline in transition, can you help with that? This is way over my head :/
  7. Hello Cafe I would need some help with morphing animation. Imagine you have few simple geometric shapes made of splines and you have to morph the shape from A to B to C and so on, but spline has to break up in parts in transition phase then settle on new shape. Any ideas? thank you
  8. I can't believe my wildest dream is actually becoming real!!! MAXON please dress it up in new nodes and add as standard render!!
  9. Batz

    Free C4D trainings

    Very cool guys, thank you for all work!
  10. hello I have a problem making cubes in spheres. making one with character morph works but i need a series of cubes that appear from nothing then turn into spheres.please assist if you can Thank you
  11. Thank you! I would never solve this alone :)
  12. Hello cafe I am struggling to achieve something that could be really easy but i am lost on how to do it. I have cloner with 4 colors (red green blue yellow) and need to count how much red clones are in and have that number in motext. I can count on hand but problem is scene animates to have thuosands clones later and that is not going to work. There is mograph node count in xpresso but that gives all clones thank you in advance
  13. Thank you for files admin, very nice problem solving



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