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  1. That doesn't really answer me and I understand that core is equal to nodes. I am just wondering if core is already in state that we can have particles, physics, fluids, kinematics made on top?
  2. I would like to get some specific information if possible. Can we get things like Lagoa in the future nodes? Would MAXON be open to post a general roadmap for nodes? I am willing to wait and grow with system for a year, maybe two but certainly not 10. Nodes look very good, I am just thinking if there is gap down the road which will require to be filled by plugins or even worse, not being capable of filling the gap at all> B
  3. Fantastic! This is getting better and better. I too was looking at Houdini but will definitely stay on C4D ship if that course is maintained
  4. sure. it seems that if you "import" objects from rest of Cinema you can use axis and handles but if you create, let's say a cube inside nodes (not the Cinema one) you don't get an axis with it. Doesn't seem to be needed due to whole concept of nodes but I would still prefer it
  5. Watched the course from Hrovje last night and was blown away with what he makes. you can import objects, render and do crazy stuff like building effector that makes objects touch each other or custom deformer etc. It is programming geared and really low level at times. People who like mograph or used ICE before will explode in joy over this. What is missing is particles, fluids and there is sadly no way to control objects in viewport which then explains why it is tech demo but make no mistake this will attract ex Soft people who had no alternative before, now they do B
  6. Are you FRICKIN' KIDDIN' me? that is literally ICE in Cinema!! can't belief that viewport is that fast - instant buy!!! I am getting on C4D train again : )
  7. @DMcGavran I agree, it is really sad to see that there seems to be no incentive from MAXON side to pimp up Cafe. For example, you won't find any mention of cafe on MAXON twitter or facebook which is a clear sign of some bad blood. I highly doubt it is Cafe people who are causing this since they offer help for literally nothing. some time ago I asked the owner for help with project and got a ncie solution - free of charge
  8. I am very interested in nodes that were shown and viewport performance. looks like r23 is what r18 should have been is there a list of features for nodes we can check? what makes it a tech demo? is it like an alpha version or what?
  9. Congratulations to MAXON - hope that they raise their game soon. The through thick and thin period with loyal base seems to be over now...
  10. Batz

    C4D Cafe 2.0!

    Can you give more details about this? I am quite interested
  11. Batz

    Delay movement

    Thanks a lot guys!
  12. Batz

    Delay movement

    Hi cafe Let's say I have a mesh which I need to move from A to B but I need to have a controlled delay in start (no keys) which I can set in frames. Additionally once one of these objects moves to position B, next object should do the same. Fiddled with mograph but I couldn't find a way. Anyone can help? thanx
  13. This is great news and I am really surprised to see some of the negativity. I took a look at faq on website and it seems they did everything not to hurt existing customers. C4D Studio and Redshift under 100 for month is fantastic!
  14. Love the new stuff guys, especially gallery on top and videos!
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