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  1. Batz

    Free C4D trainings

    Very cool guys, thank you for all work!
  2. hello I have a problem making cubes in spheres. making one with character morph works but i need a series of cubes that appear from nothing then turn into spheres.please assist if you can Thank you
  3. Thank you! I would never solve this alone :)
  4. Hello cafe I am struggling to achieve something that could be really easy but i am lost on how to do it. I have cloner with 4 colors (red green blue yellow) and need to count how much red clones are in and have that number in motext. I can count on hand but problem is scene animates to have thuosands clones later and that is not going to work. There is mograph node count in xpresso but that gives all clones thank you in advance
  5. Thank you for files admin, very nice problem solving
  6. Thank you, this looks super useful!
  7. Seems that follow button really work :-) please keep these coming there no examples like this elsewhere..
  8. Hello First post new user here :-) I'm looking for professionel video tutoring for cinema 4D version 20 on German or English for motion graphics & TV station work. Any recommendation? Thank you



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