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  1. Hello, I want to clone a dynamic balloon so that the base of its string is always connected to a ground plane. I have found a way to do this with a single balloon but am unable to clone it. I've attached a basic sketch of what I'm trying to achieve and a c4d file of my singular dynamic balloon. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much DynamicBalloon_01.c4d
  2. Thats exactly what I was after!! I'll post my project when its done ;) Thank you so much!!
  3. Thanks for both your suggestions. Thats really cool Jed cheers, but I need the ball to loop as if being bounced by an imaginary hand thus the need for Ease in and out.
  4. Hello. I was wondering if any of you know a method to Animate a ball bouncing, with no key frames.... with (here's where i'm stuck) Ease in and out. I know the plugin Signal can achieve this, but I was wondering if its possible another way. So far I just have a ball in a cloner with a formular effector but that doesn't give me a whole lot of control. Have attached my scene. Many thanks BallBounce_01.c4d
  5. Omg, I just updated my cinema and it works perfectly lol Must have been a glitch in the earlier R19, Thanks so much for the help!
  6. Hi Dan, Thanks so much for the reply. Yeah I opened your file and I get the same problem. I click the pose morph Click your Pose.0 Go to Point Mode Smooth tool and here is where my problem is Every time my brush touches the mesh, the points switch back to their base pose. When I release the brush it switches back to the Pose.0 but is completely deformed (In a horrible way). Can share my file, but seems to be my cinema or something i'm doing wrong in the process Thank you
  7. Hello, So I've rigged a character and I'm at the fun stage of Correctional Pose Morphs. My probleme once I start trying to using the sculpting tools to correct my mesh the mesh starts bugging out and jumping all over the place. There seems to be so little documentation on PSD's. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello I know this has already been asked in the link below, but unfortunately the scene link has gone dead and that's where the solution was! If anybody knows how to do this your help would be greatly appreciated! thanks heaps :)
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