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  1. Janine Pauke


    Thanks :)
  2. Janine Pauke


    Felt inspired to make a little interior yesterday, took about 4 hours in total. Rendered in just under 10 minutes in Octane.
  3. Janine Pauke

    Illumination (animation)

    Hey, thanks for your feedback. :) Yeah, I'm not an expert when it comes to water and fluids... It's just a formula deformer making the ripples. One day I'll have to invest in something proper for fluids. :)
  4. Janine Pauke

    Illumination (animation)

    Thanks! The wips were from the larger animation project. That was before I had animated everything. But I had the whole thing planned in my head from the start. And I'm glad I had the time to do it all. In the meantime I've started making a video tutorial, that's what keeps me busy now. :)
  5. Finally managed to complete my little movie! Rendered with Octane. Took a while on my single graphics card. ;) But was totally worth waiting for.
  6. Janine Pauke

    In another universe...

    Haha i know i know... I've seen videos of R20. Very nice indeed. :)
  7. Janine Pauke

    Hand lotion model - weird noise

    I think it's a bit brute force to not have the floor reflect in the bottle at all. I'd rather scrap that infinite floor and replace it with a disc with a soft falloff so you still get some floor reflection but without the issues. See my attached file. lotiontub-disc.c4d
  8. I'm really having fun trying to come up with mini-projects for my instagram account. (Am I allowed to link that here?) I try to have something new almost every day, it keeps me on my toes and makes me creative. This time I tried to make something abstract with the mograph tools and good old metaballs. Add to that some volumetric fog and subsurface scattering with Octane and I'm lucky my computer didn't blow up...
  9. Janine Pauke

    Oh, grate...

    Thanks! Yeah I love them too. There's one lying on my desk haha... The mesh has some thickness, but just a tiny bit, could have been more I guess. :)
  10. Janine Pauke

    Oh, grate...

    This render might have some holes in it... Octane again.
  11. Janine Pauke


    Haha thanks!
  12. Janine Pauke

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    Awesome, love the mini-story to go with it too!
  13. Janine Pauke

    Janine's Stuff

    my creations
  14. Janine Pauke


    Had some fun today with R19, Octane and an egg...
  15. Janine Pauke

    Janine's Stuff