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  1. Btw I have no idea why I keep typing MAXON in all caps.... very strange! Edit: the forum does that automatically lol! Thought I was going mad!
  2. Yeah so far I've only animated simple stuff, and I'm not a character animator so I hope it won't be quite as painful for me. Indeed I think competition is good for innovation, I also think it's great that so many new people are picking up 3d, no matter what software. I like teaching so that's good for me. I hope people at MAXON are watching closely, there's a lot of opportunities currently for companies to show they care, throw your customers a bone... I'm a fan of paying it forward, that's something that MAXON should really think about instead of screwing over their most loyal customers... It'll pay off in the end. I know there's good people working there, I'm sure they do care. They're just not allowed to post their true opinions on the forum.
  3. Another adventurous Blender user here! Been playing with it for a few weeks now. And now I'm even using it for a paid project, using Eevee to render an animation that would otherwise take ages even with Octane... You know, it's really really tough to learn a new 3D sofware after 25(!) years with Cinema 4D! But for some strange reason I actually enjoy it... It's so different from Cinema that it's like starting from scratch (all the background knowledge helps of course, I learn much faster than a true beginner). Brings me back to how it all started for me. The noob fase! Constantly hitting brick walls but not giving up and googling and youtubing (well not back in those days haha, I actually had to read the manual) until you find the solution (or a workaround) and you just keep going. I kinda stagnated as an artist for years but now I'm forced to learn how to use nodes properly and make nice materials, it's about time. I relied on Cinema's "easy mode" for too long. And making pretty stuff with Eevee effortlessly is tons of fun. Well I hope I'll still be able to afford Cinema in the future when I need it but since I don't want to be that dependent on whatever silly pricing MAXON comes up with next I'll put my bets on something that'll always be free, including 2 awesome free render engines, fluid sim, particles, smoke etc etc (and don't forget the very active community)... For me it's worth it.
  4. fascinating projects

    keep up the good work

  5. Thanks for bringing me up to speed :) Guess I'll stick with Octane, and maybe physical here and there
  6. Thanks. :) Well I'm a happy Octane user myself and not looking for anything else for myself. I made a few downloadable project files and lighting setups for Octane for people to use and learn from and was wondering if it was worth it to do the same for Prorender, especially since I don't see a lot of examples for that. But if nobody would actually have any use for that because nobody is using it then I won't waste my time with that. ;) And I think there's plenty of stuff out there for Cinema's physical renderer so I won't be digging deeper into that either. Would love to give some other 3rd party renderers a try though, which ones are free to use?
  7. I was wondering if it's worth it to have a look at Prorender in R20. My first few experiments with a cube and a glowing ball already earned me a handful of popups with error messages which don't exactly encourage me. Is anyone actually using Prorender? Are there examples anywhere? Would it be worth it to invest time into learning it so I can make a few nice examples with it for other users to play with? Or would that just be a waste of time and effort? Or am I stupid for even trying to use it on an nvidia card?
  8. I've been producing some stuff for my instagram account (instagram.com/janine4d) and these turned out so well that I uploaded the project files as well. Drop of light: One of my all time favorite lamps: And the project files, just type in "0" to download them for free: gumroad.com/janine4d
  9. My first project with R20 and Octane 4, I felt like designing some jewellery:
  10. Well you’ve asked for it and I could hardly say no. ;) Here’s my new video tutorial about lighting with Octane. Compatible with R20 and Octane 4 even though it was made with R19 and Octane 3. As promised, reasonably priced at 29 dollars (plus VAT depending on where you live). You’ll get a one hour long narrated (by me of course!) video showing you how to render this light bulb in various different lighting situations. The techniques and the resulting environments can easily be used for your own projects. Here’s the link to the product page for more information and download: https://gum.co/lightingmagic
  11. Felt inspired to make a little interior yesterday, took about 4 hours in total. Rendered in just under 10 minutes in Octane.
  12. Hey, thanks for your feedback. :) Yeah, I'm not an expert when it comes to water and fluids... It's just a formula deformer making the ripples. One day I'll have to invest in something proper for fluids. :)
  13. Thanks! The wips were from the larger animation project. That was before I had animated everything. But I had the whole thing planned in my head from the start. And I'm glad I had the time to do it all. In the meantime I've started making a video tutorial, that's what keeps me busy now. :)
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