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  1. Ok i have finally managed to do it the way i wanted to. I used Vizn's method, i was just confused about how you managed to connect all those cylinders together. So with trial and error I finally found Command Connect and then all I had to was use the command Optimize. Thank you so much for helping me with this one :)
  2. I thought it would be better to show you what i meant so i made screenshots of your model. What I dont understand is how you managed to get rid of the overlaping surfaces inside the model, and connect outer surfaces to create one single object. Thank you very much for your help :)
  3. This is perfect thank you very much. One more question though - how did you manage to create a seamless object from the object on the left ? Did you connect the points of each separate cylinder ? What I mean is how did you turn 4 cylinders into one shape that you could put into a Subdivision surface ? Have a nice day
  4. This is the closest sketch i have to the product. I hope it helps.
  5. Hello everyone I just joined up so i hope that I am writing this in the correct topic section. I am fairly new to cinema, mostly using it for my study purposes (Student of product design). I am having a problem and would appreciate any kind of advice on how to model this particular idea. It's essentialy supposed to be sort of a connecting node for LED tubes, similar to neural network- the node should be fairly organic in it's shape. I ran into some problems along the way. It should be based on a triangular based pyramid (i hope i said it right) and i have used several planes to help me divide the object itself into 4 surfaces that should be the same size - hence why i'm modeling only one side. I've never done anything like this and i can't seem to get it right. Is subdivision the way to go ? Or is there a simpler way to model it ? I apologise if you're confused - English is not my native language. Thank you in advance for any advice. Have a nice day Connection node issue.c4d



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