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  1. DUDE you're a god, thank you!! set it to Edge, and voila! (so much time spent on this, and only a click away) Respects ;)
  2. this is how it looks with the SDS weight tag on.
  3. So...what i want to achieve is a smooth hole like this pic...however you can see the UVs are distorted...this is because i UV'd the original base mesh (no SDS)....so when SDS is turned on you see all the distortions in the texture..hence why i slapped an SDS weight tag on the entire mesh and set it to 0. This however sharpened the edges of the hole... which is not what i want - how do i isolate the edges from the mesh, i want the edges to be smooth (SDS X3). P.S. i tried UV-ing a baked SDS mesh (original base mesh X3 SDS baked out)....i got blue screen of death twice [crash]. i dunno if thats too much geo for Rizom UV to handle or what. - WOLF
  4. Sup guys, Modeling a dial for a watch...all contents of watch (bezel, crown, case, cap, etc..) are in a SDS set at X3. The only piece which is the dial, has a SDS weight tag set at X0 due to being UVd at that fidelity. Problem: Since dial mesh is UV'd at original base mesh (X0 SDS)... I want the edges of the calendar cutout to be smoothed (affected by X3 SDS). How do i *SET SELECTION* so to speak....a SDS weight tag? I want the weight tag to affect all vertices BUT the calendar hole edges. I'm ALL EARS for other suggestions, as i am noob still :P Thanks in advance to all troopers ;) Cheers!
  5. So....i gave it a shot. Pretty interesting on how it works and thank you @bezo for the help, however i still have some questions. I've attached 2 pictures displaying your little prototype and i've added another bracelet and a cylinder. My purpose is to be able to animate the position of the cylinder (AKA watch case) and the bracelet will follow. In addition, i need the 2 bracelets to be linked, but plan to animate the clasp closing and being secured. Again thanks a bunch for the aid guys ;) Cheers!
  6. Thank you for your suggestion, I've tried the "smart grouping" method using an IK tag and a goal..the problem is i cant connect both ends of the bracelet to the face of the watch that way...and i need the clasp to be non-dynamic so i can control its rotation and "lock" the bracelet (animation) so to speak - i dont know if that can stay dynamic. Thank you so much!! I'll give this a shot...never used connectors before :S
  7. Hi everyone! I think this post belongs here... Anyways, I'm creating a wrist watch commercial and going to have this watch fall into a bath of water, FACE first (so the part with all the numbers and hands hit the surface first *pic 1*). Therefore i need this bracelet to fold and do its magic when it hits the water + gravity affecting it etc etc... I have NO IDEA on how to go about rigging this, as i am new to the process..but I'm assuming i'll be needing to use weighted Joints with Dynamic IK + goal...(but do i need a skin deformer for EACH piece of geo AKA each link and clasp?)... again i could be WAY off. To all talented riggers out there, i plead your assistance!! Also do i need to model the pins (they're just thin cylinders) between the links and hinges of the clasp for the rig to stay in tact? (pic 2 & 3) Keep in mind that the clasps needs to fold at the hinges as it would in real life to secure the bracelet in place. Cheers and thank you in advance!!
  8. WOLF

    Fixing dimples/dents?

    Thanks for the advice, i gave it a shot... i have HB modelling tools so i just converted the triangles into quads...however the seam gets worse.. its really tough to get dome shape.. tried shrink wrapping etc.etc..
  9. Hi everyone :) Modelling a crown on a wrist watch and ran into a small pickle... The surface needs to be smooth (slight bevel - as seen) not flat...but this dimple is ruining everything.. How do i get rid of it? Below i've included a picture of the model with subdivisions disabled. Plz halp
  10. Hey everyone)), first time posting here...so might be a bit noobie ;) Anyways...I'm working on a personal project modelling a wrist watch. Getting to the bezel portion of the model, i've questioned myself whether there's an alternate way of getting the detail of the numbers indented in the slanted 'ring' platform of the bezel. Rather than modelling the detail in (which would take a long time and extra precision) i had thoughts of creating a displacement map or normal map and baking the detail in that way? I don't know much about textures or how maps behave (i heard that Displacement Maps require equal quads, and other specs)...was hoping for a kind C4D ninja to show the way ;) I've attached some photos showing exactly what i'm going for... Any help is much appreciated