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  1. Ahh, ok thank you..will give it a try! Cheers! WOLF
  2. Sup all! Got a tricky scenario...trying to sim smoke kinda like in the gif - but can't seem to get that extra punch with thickness upon exit of tube, and consistency of it (i want it to continually spew thick smoke kinda like the Nasa spaceshuttle engine smoke). All the parameters and links to vids are below, please help! Smoke (slices): Temp/Heat: Voxel display for quick playback Thank you all for the help in advance!! Cheers! - WOLF
  3. Im 100% in my friend, that sounds incredible...much thanks.
  4. Hi all! In the process of looking at a space mouse (3d conexxion pilot specifically)...and was wondering whether there's a function in C4D to record user data to keyframes? The idea is that i want to animate my camera moves using the spacemouse while flying through the scene in realtime. So, is there a script/plugin or something like capuccino (back couple yrs ago) that records and converts that user data to keyframes, which i can edit further if i have to? Thank you for all the help in advance, Cheers! - WOLF
  5. Thank you everyone for the help and especially @jed and @daddycoull ! I have finished the rig using the connector method and some xPresso and here's the result: P.S. I've noticed the locking piece on the clasp seems to "jitter" back and forth in the first video...any idea on how to keep it closed and still? THANK YOU! Cheers!! - WOLF
  6. Hey Jed, thank you i'll give it a shot! Thank you to all contributers...ive been battling this thing for some time, almost there)) Cheers! - WOLF
  7. Hey @Hrvoje! I dont care for the clasp...gonna have it already locked...i just need the entire bracelet to bend where it needs to using dynamics. By connecting 2 joint chains im referring to the second last pic and last pic, having a joint chain for geo in layer "dbl_base_link" and a joint chain for geo "tri_base_link" in the last pic, then connecting them somehow so theyre intact and act as 1 unit (whole bracelet) when the whole watch is dropped... Question: is it necessary to even connect 2 joint chains (using xpresso)? or can i just have 2 geos, 2 joint chains under a null?? will the sim still work?
  8. Hi everyone! Creating a rig for a watch (bracelet specifically)...the goal is to have it fold dynamically and and do its magic as it falls into a bath of water (and x-particles bubbles interacting with it - that's the simulation system it will play with..no actual water particles) So i went ahead with the help of @Vertex Helix and created a dynamic joint chain "loop" rig using spline IK and hair dynamics to drive the sim. This theory worked up to a point...i couldn't figure out how to restrict the spline to 2 axis so it doesn't twist and curl upon impact on the ground (plane). Plus the automatic joint weighting was terrible and re-weighting was a pain in the a**. The biggest problem however was in the spline itself....the vertices simply cannot align with ALL the joints of the bracelet...its either they fold correct on the 3 pce but bend the 2 pce or vice versa.. At this point i came up with a possible solution... Create 2 objects: first are all the Double piece links with the clasp, the second all the Triple piece links with the clasp Run 2 Splines 2 separate skin deformers & join chains - this way the 2 pce link doesn't get deformed just because the 3 pce needs to bend at its seam QUESTION: How to connect the 2 joint chains? Thank you to ALL in advance)) Cheers!! - WOLF
  9. Hey @Vertex Helix thank you for the help...the link should be working now. My goal for this watch is having it fall into a bath of water, FACE first (dial side). Therefore i need this bracelet to fold and do its magic when it hits the water + gravity, turbulence and a list of other effectors affecting it etc etc... The bracelet need to be intact at all times. Thank you once again :)
  10. Hello fellow riggers! Please watch the link for my question... P.S. I want to control the watch from the face/case, so the entire bracelet follows it using Dynamic IK. It is built using 2 IK Chains and i have not yet connected the actual watch to the bracelets. Please all help is welcome, this has become a real struggle as i am completely new to rigging... Thank you in advance to all contributors Cheers! - WOLF
  11. DUDE you're a god, thank you!! set it to Edge, and voila! (so much time spent on this, and only a click away) Respects ;)
  12. this is how it looks with the SDS weight tag on.
  13. So...what i want to achieve is a smooth hole like this pic...however you can see the UVs are distorted...this is because i UV'd the original base mesh (no SDS)....so when SDS is turned on you see all the distortions in the texture..hence why i slapped an SDS weight tag on the entire mesh and set it to 0. This however sharpened the edges of the hole... which is not what i want - how do i isolate the edges from the mesh, i want the edges to be smooth (SDS X3). P.S. i tried UV-ing a baked SDS mesh (original base mesh X3 SDS baked out)....i got blue screen of death twice [crash]. i dunno if thats too much geo for Rizom UV to handle or what. - WOLF
  14. Sup guys, Modeling a dial for a watch...all contents of watch (bezel, crown, case, cap, etc..) are in a SDS set at X3. The only piece which is the dial, has a SDS weight tag set at X0 due to being UVd at that fidelity. Problem: Since dial mesh is UV'd at original base mesh (X0 SDS)... I want the edges of the calendar cutout to be smoothed (affected by X3 SDS). How do i *SET SELECTION* so to speak....a SDS weight tag? I want the weight tag to affect all vertices BUT the calendar hole edges. I'm ALL EARS for other suggestions, as i am noob still :P Thanks in advance to all troopers ;) Cheers!
  15. So....i gave it a shot. Pretty interesting on how it works and thank you @bezo for the help, however i still have some questions. I've attached 2 pictures displaying your little prototype and i've added another bracelet and a cylinder. My purpose is to be able to animate the position of the cylinder (AKA watch case) and the bracelet will follow. In addition, i need the 2 bracelets to be linked, but plan to animate the clasp closing and being secured. Again thanks a bunch for the aid guys ;) Cheers!



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