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  1. Sorted, it was the Ray Epsilon value in ProRender general settings that was too low!
  2. Hi Dasfrodo, Cerbera Thanks for your comments, I know I should try to use another renderer, but I work on a mac, and wanted to try a GPU renderer to see how it goes (while Redshift doesn’t support AMD). Physical Renderer takes forever to render this scene.
  3. Hi All, I'm rendering a mall in C4D R20, but ProRender is not rendering PBR Spot Lights placed inside Clone Objects. Please see below: Is this feature (cloning lights) not compatible with ProRender? This is the first time I use ProRender, any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Hi All, I’m rendering a mall in C4D R20, but ProRender is rendering with some unpleasant black streaks. Please see below: The streaks are shown inline, but across different and independent geometry (see the ground floor and right 1st/2nd floor). As the camera moves, the streaks stay with the camera view and move over the geometry (like kind of a reflection, but still happens with no material applied). This is especially noticeable in the angled streaks that you can see on the right side of the corridor/railing across all floors.
  5. What a stupid mistake... I thought of that at the very beginning when I first saw the problem, but I guessed that none of the lights would lit then; so moved on in the wrong direction and then forgot. Thanks so much, guys. I've been trying to solve this for a couple of days now. I even tried moving to an image-based lighting version, but the results were not that good looking.
  6. Hi All, Hope someone can help with this, I googled for a fix and found some advice, but doesn't work for this. I´m trying to make a mall's interior render. I'm using lights in a cloner object, cloned on some of the building's ceiling polygons at each floor, to illuminate it. The problem is that some of the cloned lights don't lit the scene. I've already deactivated "render instances" as advised everywhere. I've also tried using instances of the light inside the cloner, and changing the cloning mode from "iterate" to "ble
  7. Thanks! it has improved with the help of both of you!!
  8. Hi HSrdelic, teknow Both solutions work fine, although using the strawberry's point selection straight away as the link in the hair, is much quicker. I can't often help surprise myself, how the most obvious solutions frequently are just in front of me, but can't imagine of them. Please see below a render of the strawberry so far. Thanks so much for your help!
  9. Hi HSrdelic, Thanks, maybe I should have introduced myself somewhere in the forum, I guess there is a designated place for that! I downloaded your file and tried the suggestion, but I can't get it to work. Maybe it's because my Cloner is set to Object mode -the strawberry, with a set of vertices for the seeds- (not as Linear in your file). I just get a bunch of offset large white cubes that surround the strawberry... I've been reading the C4D help about the Matrix object, but I still don´t get to know how to make the "white cubes" matrices,
  10. Hi all, I did a search for "hair + clon" in this sub-forum but didn't find anything, so I'm opening the subject in this thread. Basically, I'm building a strawberry close-up, but tiny individual "hairs" should grow from each seed. I've put a master seed in a cloner then I've put the cloner in a Connect object then I added hair to the Connect object - not the master seed - I've tried several Root options for the hair, including "UV grid", where I have UV spacing and variation options, with no success. The hair seems to spread irregularly


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