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  1. Im trying to use the advection system from explosia Fx to move particles. I can do it with the standard explosia going up but I want to know what parameters to change to make the explosion go outwards ( X & Z Axis rather than Y). Ive tried adding turbulence but either still goes up or just doesnt move as much as i want. Should I just Cache the particles exploding up and then rotate the cached file afterwards? Cheers!
  2. Hi, Im trying to make an animation using xparticles 4 explosiafx system. I'm able to see the smoke fx i created but whenever I go to render it out there is nothing there. I've tried to find some tutorials about it but they always seem to use redshift or octane which I don't have sadly. Anyone got any tips on how to render it out with the just the built-in C4D renderer? Cheers



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