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  1. Here is one i've been trying to use. It's just a standard T-pose from mixamo but if i try to import to a scene already open or drag it in and start a new scene all I get is just the textures with nothing in the object manager T-Pose.fbx
  2. I'm trying to import an FBX from mixamo into the latest C4D lite in Ae as well as import a simple OBJ into a project. Nothing seems to show when I import either, can you import them into Lite? Cheers
  3. Figured it out! Just needed a texture with only the bump map after the stain texture. Cheers for the help!
  4. Thanks for the message! Unfortunately it doesn't seem to of worked. When I tick the "Mix textures" the texture seems to vanish completely. On the stain texture im only using colour, reflectance and an alpha channel.
  5. So I have a project where I have a stain on a fabric model. I have a texture for the fabric with a bump map and I've used a camera projection to add the stain on top of the initial fabric texture. I need the bump map from the fabric texture to stay on fabric even when the stain texture is applied on top. The picture attached is what I'm talking about. Any ideas on how to approach this? Cheers!
  6. So I'm trying to follow this tutorial for crowd simulation At 5 minutes in, he uses a Point Cache on a correction deformer to cache the animation. When I try to cache it in the same way it says it has cached the animation but when I move it to the static mesh it either doesn't work at all or swaps between two frames with the mesh stretched. Anyone know what im doing wrong? Cheers, Ben
  7. Im trying to use the advection system from explosia Fx to move particles. I can do it with the standard explosia going up but I want to know what parameters to change to make the explosion go outwards ( X & Z Axis rather than Y). Ive tried adding turbulence but either still goes up or just doesnt move as much as i want. Should I just Cache the particles exploding up and then rotate the cached file afterwards? Cheers!
  8. Hi, Im trying to make an animation using xparticles 4 explosiafx system. I'm able to see the smoke fx i created but whenever I go to render it out there is nothing there. I've tried to find some tutorials about it but they always seem to use redshift or octane which I don't have sadly. Anyone got any tips on how to render it out with the just the built-in C4D renderer? Cheers
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