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  1. Liz C

    Fit to Object/parent Field

    I understand. Thank you :)
  2. Hello, is there a quick way to fit a Field to an object, just like you would a deformer ? Maybe something to do with a field formula ?
  3. Liz C

    Applying an image evenly on an object.

    https://youtu.be/UPGypXolnhg?t=2095 This should work
  4. Liz C

    Line Cut to Red Dot Selection

    I was replacing Ctrl by the command key, holding worked perfectly, Thank you :)
  5. Hello, this is a beginner question, I can't figure out how to select the red dots of a spline from the line cut tool, see 3:21 I am on windows and neither the Windows key nor Ctrl key or other types of selection have worked. Does anyone know the name of this short cut so I could Hot Key it or any other way to select the red dots ? Thank you.