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  1. Hello, I made myself the scripts to load some often used user saved content objects/items. For example I have a palette button which starts the script loading Redshift Dome light with my settings. c4d.CallCommand(300000111, 1090) # Load Object Preset That object has ID 1090 in content manager, but if I save a new object to user content that ID changes and all my custom scripts calling often used user objects/items are broken (calling wrong item) and I would need to change new ID numbers in all of those scripts. My suggestion to MAXON developers is to make ID system that gives u
  2. They are already at medium, small are too small. U ZG nije loše, bit će bolje
  3. At some other forum i got this reply: So a little bit blurred viewport is known issue and will be addressed someday. Regarding Icons, its just that my layout is configured that I have most of tools/commands in icon palettes, and with R21 medium icons are a little bit bigger so they don't fit all in my layout and take a little bit more interface space. Probably MAC is another story but to me personally interface for PC was better in R20. Well anyway I'm just testing the demo for now, R20 is quite enough until those small issues are fixed.
  4. Hello, I have 4K monitor/Windows10 (125% default scaling) and in C4D R20 fonts size is raised to 13, icons are medium and all looks fine. I tried a demo of R21 and noticed that medium icons are now bigger and OpenGL viewport is a little blurry at default scaling of 125%. It does not look fine with my personal layout. Is there a way to force ONLY C4D R21 to 100% scaling at 4K monitor? Then icons look right size and I can raise font size. Thank you.
  5. Here are some answers I got from EU MAXON that may clarify some things for long-term users: you have several options: You could extend your current MSA for another year (from September 2019 – August 2020). In this case you would get a permanent license of R21 in the beginning of September. Then you can decide to stay with the permanent license or to switch to subscription. As long as your MSA is valid we have a special offer for two years – you can switch to subscription for 959,81 Euro net (this price is the two year price) and we also check the remaining months of your MS
  6. That is true, I could buy it from Sweden for example as I did Redshift and I get lower price to pay in the start since I get it without tax. They pay tax for that purchase. I'm not sure that is true for long-term customers, but lets wait and see what MAXON have in mind for us. I don't really mind not owning perpetual license as long as my costs using software over the year are reasonable. Some of us do not earn over 100k per year so "Indie" option would be something to conciser and would be welcomed much more than this vague presented scheme. That is true.
  7. New pricing scheme in this moment is very vague for us paying MSA for years now. Bundle with RS does not make sense for existing RS license owners, since it is only limited to c4d plugin, no standalone/other DCC packages. I only hope that RS will not raise price for maintenance extension or cancel it as C4D did with MSA. "If you own a perpetual license of Cinema 4D, you’re eligible for discounted Cinema 4D subscription pricing. " This gives some hope but as long term existing customer I still don't know what would be my annual cost/benefits. Last year cos
  8. Congrats Hrvoje, great training as usual! Especially I like examples that encourage one to use expresso/formulas since a lot of artists are kind of intimidated by using expresso/formulas and you make it look not so complicated. Looking forward to new lessons. Thank you. Best regards, ZG
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