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  1. Thanks for your interest jed, i sorted my problem out, not using xpresso thu Regards, Geffc
  2. well, the ref plane will stay at 1,1,1. While my ask is that the 2 other planes will have a replication of the ref plane dimensions, while their respective scales will be factors of the 1,1,1 ref scale
  3. those planes would be editable ones.
  4. Hello, Do you know if it is possible to create this kind of set up in xpresso?: Let say i have 3 planes in my scene: a plane (dimension: 5,0,100) acting as a ref object I'd like the 2 other planes in the scene, to be scaled in proportion to this ref object, while staying at their positions. In other words, if plane 2 and 3 are : (5,0,105) and (3,0,120), is it possible to make their scale factors of the (1,1,1) ref plane scale and hence, their dimensions adjusted to the ref object dimension, while staying the same as they are (thanks to the factor change in their s
  5. Thanks a lot phobos, and sorry for my late answer. In fact, i' d like to preorganize the blending modes of my multipass layers (i'm using corona and saving in tiffs files) inside the frame buffer of c4d. Right now, when opening a tiff file rendered with c4d directly in photoshop it preserves the multilayers, no problem, but add them in linear burn mode (layer mode), which is what c4d offers as default blending mode per images in the c4d frame buffer. My question is : is it possible to change those modes directly in c4d with the help of a preset that will work
  6. check xstab (xsyann.com) bunch of usefull plugins there, only not ported to R20
  7. Hi, C4d frame buffer offers the ability to set the different layers of a multipass file like in photoshop: mixing them, with differents layer modes and intensities. I'm saving my renders as Tiffs file and was wondering if it was possible to save a preset of this layers + modes disposition in order to make the layer apppear as in c4d frame buffer but in photoshop. file in photoshop. Right now, the default disposition of the layer stack is that multipasses layers are stacked in linear burn mode. I searched the c4d help section for this, but no real answers on this.
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