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  1. Her Cerbera, that's got some nice effects going on - that's a great shout on the shaders - i think i'll be able to add that into my setup and hopefully will give the added layer of complexity that we need. What we have going on in the displacement sounds similar to what you've described but we only had a gradient in the shader and applied flat onto the topology. Will try adding an extra leyer of detail in the displacers too. We had a bit of feedback from the client which will help in that we can keep it to locked off camera at the top - before they wanted to zoom right into the plane and then look along it like a horizon which was killing us in terms of the amount of geometry we had to have in the scene. If you're interested here is where we ended up on first pass to the client: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nj4zs1hs9ud1o5/Displacement 3.mp4?dl=0 Cheers! Tom
  2. Hello amazing people! Can anyone help us work out how best to tackle recreating this marble/liquid effect? We've been playing with displacement maps and getting some okay results but because we're using geometry we're a little limited by how complex we can make the swirls. Also we haven't found the perfect mix of displacement. For the animation / motion of the image we've been given this awesome BBC 2 ident as a reference: https://youtu.be/szX9L8J6CC8?t=505 Any thoughts & help much appreciated! Cheers, Tom
  3. Oh no, this means I'm going to have to use my own brain. This is a worrying place to be for me.
  4. Hi, there's an old post on the forum here about Rigging guitar strings: In that post, there's an example file where someone has used the jiggle deformer. However, the file download doesn't seem to be working.. it does download but is 0kb in size. Is the file still knocking around anywhere? Can an administrator check it out? I'd really love to see that file in action to see if it'll work for me. Cheers in advance! Tom

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