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  1. Hello there, im struggeling using takes. i got a character with multiple animations on one timeline, but i want to separate each animation into a take. i got the 'Main' take wich now have all the animation keyframes. i create a new take, but then i cant just copy paste the keyframes/objects from the 'main' take to the new take. or the second try was to duplicate the 'main' take into multiple takes and delete the keyframes that are not used into that part of the animation. but that is also not possible. maybe someone here does have some experience with braking down these animtions into takes? thank you in advance ps. i added a test scene with a T-pose, sit and standup from chair animations animation_to_takes.c4d
  2. hello there, so i have this character and clothes, but they now dont share the same joints. i want the clothes be retarget to the root joint. (green to red). but i also want to have just 1 root structure, so i need to delete the other. (top one of the image) any clue how i can replace the joints? (the weight and joint structures are completely the same). thanks you in advance
  3. Hello. We figured out within unity that we can delete the meshes that c4d creates for each pose morph / blendshape and still get the blendshapes to work. ,(And reduce build size alot) So now is the question why are the mesh blendshapes even exported within c4d to fbx if it is not really needed. As I see it. Only some optional data is needed. Ps. I don't understand why I should add the fbx in a .rat file.
  4. Hello, om working on a project but im getting a file size issue when using pose morphtag. i was testing the filesize of a .fbx file. i got a head.fbx from a guy who created it in maya. that .fbx file is 5 MB. it has has 63 different posemorphs. i open it in c4d and export it again to a new .fbx file. in the export window only "normals" is checked. (7.5 or 7.4, no difference) then the file size is 62 MB. i just want to know what is happening here. Why is the file size so large after only importing it and exporting it again to a fbx file. some of you ahve any experience with it? in the end i need to use a model with with blendshapes in unity. thanks.
  5. Hello, so i got this question: for example. i got 1 spline object with multiple circle objects (combined as one) i add this to a sweep so it becomes a visible object. now, is it possible to add multiple materials to the spline object with the multiple circles. so that every cirle does have it's own material. does every circle myabe a have a own ID even if it is a combined object? thank you
  6. hello, i just watched this post, because it is the exact same problem im facing now. but i can't download the example files from Jed anymore. would be nice to get the example file or a way todo create it. thanks in advance kevin
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