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  1. Spline Patch seems like it will make the modelling process easier. I looked it up on YouTube. Thank you. Tsholo
  2. Thank you for your replies. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi Everyone. I am trying to search for paid tutorials on how to model a car. Any links that you have and share with me ? Existing link about this topic in this forum is for free tutorials by 3D passion, but that designer doesn't show detailed steps. I need a step by step tutorial and chances of getting such a tutorial for free is not possible hence I just want a paid one. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone. My polygons are not aligning in all views when modelling the car attached. I cropped the images in photoshop, making sure that front and back are the same height and width and side and top I tried to keep them close. Now when modelling from the side (right), top and front view, polygons are not aligned... What am I doing wrong here ? I have attached my view ports. Thank you. Tsholo
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