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  1. Vertex Helix


  2. Vertex Helix

    IG-88 "Dominate"

    Boba Fett had it coming! Stylized and really cool
  3. Vertex Helix

    By Cerbera

    ...and plays like a dream! Is that a Kerry King tattoo.?
  4. Vertex Helix

    by Bratua

    Would most definitely sleep in there! Awsome
  5. Soft body and rerooting your pivot point for turning is your best bet. Don't forget to cage your mesh and proxy the simulation if your fps gets down
  6. Vertex Helix

    sun room

    Love your color palette man! Nice comp too
  7. Vertex Helix

    Molecules in helix structure?

    @Emerald Sand: - Get a a primitive cube divide and scale it accordingly - Parent it under a Supernurb and see how it looks. Use edge loops to guide mesh & topology - Pick polygon selections of the places where the molecules will be rooted (and make it a selection tag) - Use Mo_Extrude on these selections and play with its properties -Parent the whole things so far under a null (place the null at the center of the rig before you parent it) - Use a twist deformer on the null 2nd equally good option: - Use the ribbon rig suggested by @deck, pick your selections and add Hair - Make sure you choose to grow them at the center of the polygon (hair property tag) - In the same tag choose to make hair rigid and zero gravity - In the hair material tag now check the length and thickness and play with each spline - Finally in the hair material tag play with the end scale This should get you close enough Good luck
  8. Vertex Helix


  9. Vertex Helix

    1800 Free Architectural Profiles for C4D

    Now that's something and a half (to quote the "IT Crowd") Many many thanks for sharing!
  10. Vertex Helix

    330 Free Chinese Patterns for Cinema 4D

    Many thanks for sharing
  11. Vertex Helix

    Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe

    As a long time Allegorithmic user, I have a bad feeling about this one. The customer service alone between the two companies makes for a huge difference (Allegorithmic being truly close to the 3D community and displaying fantastic support system). Perhaps Allegorithmic's disruptive days are coming to a halt, but I've been wrong before.
  12. Brilliant! Many thanks for this
  13. Vertex Helix

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    Excuse my ignorance but Igor where can I find your mail?