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    IG-88 "Dominate"

    Boba Fett had it coming! Stylized and really cool
  3. Vertex Helix

    By Cerbera

    ...and plays like a dream! Is that a Kerry King tattoo.?
  4. Vertex Helix

    by Bratua

    Would most definitely sleep in there! Awsome
  5. Soft body and rerooting your pivot point for turning is your best bet. Don't forget to cage your mesh and proxy the simulation if your fps gets down
  6. Vertex Helix

    sun room

    Love your color palette man! Nice comp too
  7. Vertex Helix

    Molecules in helix structure?

    @Emerald Sand: - Get a a primitive cube divide and scale it accordingly - Parent it under a Supernurb and see how it looks. Use edge loops to guide mesh & topology - Pick polygon selections of the places where the molecules will be rooted (and make it a selection tag) - Use Mo_Extrude on these selections and play with its properties -Parent the whole things so far under a null (place the null at the center of the rig before you parent it) - Use a twist deformer on the null 2nd equally good option: - Use the ribbon rig suggested by @deck, pick your selections and add Hair - Make sure you choose to grow them at the center of the polygon (hair property tag) - In the same tag choose to make hair rigid and zero gravity - In the hair material tag now check the length and thickness and play with each spline - Finally in the hair material tag play with the end scale This should get you close enough Good luck
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    1800 Free Architectural Profiles for C4D

    Now that's something and a half (to quote the "IT Crowd") Many many thanks for sharing!
  10. Vertex Helix

    330 Free Chinese Patterns for Cinema 4D

    Many thanks for sharing
  11. Vertex Helix

    Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe

    As a long time Allegorithmic user, I have a bad feeling about this one. The customer service alone between the two companies makes for a huge difference (Allegorithmic being truly close to the 3D community and displaying fantastic support system). Perhaps Allegorithmic's disruptive days are coming to a halt, but I've been wrong before.
  12. Brilliant! Many thanks for this
  13. Vertex Helix

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    Excuse my ignorance but Igor where can I find your mail?
  14. Vertex Helix

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    Last year we had a Steampunk contest at Pixel Lab and it was tons of fun. That was my entry, but everyone had great ideas and models http://webneel.com/3d-model-design-contest-steampunk-pixellab
  15. Vertex Helix

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    I'm in! The initiative sounds like a fantastic idea and I'm a Steampunk geek down to the core. Let's create something to make a big number of C4D lovers proud. I'm up for any part of the scenes really, and if you need extra TL help in texturing and/or lighting let me know. My only question: what's the projection for time needed per week?
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    the king of the forest

  17. Vertex Helix

    Medical files

    Congrats Teknow, great models indeed
  18. Vertex Helix

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year from Greece!!!
  19. Vertex Helix

    Nike Air Force 1 modelling

    Nice work so far! Is this part triangles? If so try quads. (otherwise try playing with the Phong tag)
  20. I see, so you've already figured out the DAZ exporting menu and the keys, but there's still deformation. Ok, let's check the following within C4D: - It is a clean new project with a clean animation track (no keys) - The project scale matches the exported fbx scale - You have no controllers or constraints assigned (yet) - Have only the rig bones visible to see if the skeleton is behaving correctly? If yes the deformation may be resulting from a missing submesh when exporting. If no the zero position of the skeleton bones is messed up (because one of the reasons above most likely) - When it comes to morphs, see if the pose morph meshes are pushing the original face mesh beyond its limits when animating (check the pose morph tab for multiple pose morph sliders moving at the same time and try deactivating a few if needed) - Finally you can always check your skin weights and try to adjust them manually , though DAZ skinning I have to say it's not bad normally.
  21. Daz character animation in C4D can be a doozey, but done right it works. I haven't used it in years but at the top of my head here's the main points of conflict: - The DAZ fbx export release: You need to check the fbx year of release because believe it or not can make a huge difference. I don't remember which year did it for me (I think it was the 2009) but all other versions were crashing the host (C4D) - In Daz you need to highlight (in yellow) every single mesh you are going to export - You need to key the morphs that interest you in exporting beforehand (change the slider value of ex: "happy" and then key it), otherwise they won't export - In the DAZ export menu you need to tick/check the morphs and bake the textures - Mind you DAZ meshes are not animation friendly as they are most of the times highly dense (in excess of 60k poly). Ideally you should remesh them (3DWrap your best bet by a mile) but then re-doing the UV's and projecting the original texture is a full day's work). Why they don't offer low poly versions of their models (UV's would be the same) is beneath me. - Decimation process either in DAZ or C4D (as in any other software really) is also not the way to go for animation as well.
  22. Vertex Helix

    dense animation problem

    So as far as Viewport speed goes: Alembic will make a difference indeed, but your animation needs to be polished and finalized before comitting to exporting it. Also make sure your "Enhanced open GL" is off in the viewport, along with all other bells and whistles. If you have any complex light setting it also affects your fps. Physical sky too. Put 'em all in a layer and turn them off. Fianlly like Fastbee said, use the most basic form of materials and having subd-off goes without saying.
  23. Vertex Helix

    Chess Challenge 2018 - Final Entries

    Many thanks!