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  1. Yup, Released the license and it started working, so I'm working with x-particles simultanously and I have to release the license on one machine to use it on another, maybe that could cause a verification error? at this point I'm better of with x-particles support right?
  2. There you go! and thanks! Octane_1080p_30FPS_Sphere.c4d
  3. Doesn't work either, what can I say, it's a simple project didn't feel the need to back up, now, one thing, I started this project on a different machine and I'm opening it on another one, even though I tried with the original one and it didn't work, may that be a reason or maybe it corrupted the file?
  4. 1- Left it over night, still not responding. 2- I'm unable to select because as soon as I touch the object manager it stops working.
  5. Hey guys, Im having the weirdest issue ever, I have a scene I was working on yesterday is a bit heavy, and today I opened the file and for some reason each time i click the camera (like in the object manager) c4d stops responding @_@
  6. But when i copy the test object, it comes with the UV tag already, I'm afraid you will have to do it again "/
  7. Yup, you're right I'm getting that same issue, by any chance did you move the Pivot on any object?
  8. Control + Drag the Tag to the objects, it worked for me.
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this. I'm getting a 3D solve failed error when trying to assign my trackers to the object tracker I heard is because points are to close, my question is, I'm trying to place a Sphere in my sons hand, shouldn't all the trackers be around the area I'm supposed to place the object? or Could I place them in specific places and the object will just follow the trackers?



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