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  1. As far as I understand, Corona mtrl overide looks like this. And meet the chair of Hagrids. Re rendering now..I am on a laptop at the moment, so it´s not fast.
  2. Thanks Cerbera, I changed segments from 12 to 6 (just to se if it helped). And this is my dynamics, have not changed them at all. What can I do more here? And I have changed the hair material quite a bit, just waiting fot it to render now. Btw I am using Corona as my renderer, must make the hairs work with that engine.
  3. HI, I am trying to make this chair. But am having trouble with the hairs, how do I make the hair thicker at the start?
  4. I have talked to MAXON and there is a Linux Command Line Renderer Client out there. The question now is if Corona works with it.
  5. This page states that there is one for Linux, but I can’t find it or if it works with Corona. https://www.MAXON.net/en-us/products/cinema-4d/features/rendering/overview/
  6. Hi, Is there a way to install a linux system and render using teamrender with corona yet ?
  7. I am selling a R19 Studio license, please contact me fredrik@njordstudio.com
  8. Price 1800 Euro. Contact me on fredrik@njordstudio.com
  9. Ok, I found the perfect video for me.
  10. Camera mapping is one part of it and could be used in combination, but camera projection is another thing. Can't find anything about this in the help files. In Modo this is called projection painting if that is of some help.
  11. Hi, Is it possible to camera project ala Nuke in Cinema? Like matte painters do. I want to start doing this type of work but Nuke is out of my reach, and I have got a expresso script from someone where I can put cards to a camera, but I want to project photoshop work on geoetry too. Thanks :)
  12. I know that, but I get weird problems with the normal maps. Works perfectly in Octane, Vray and so on. But not in Corona. DO I need to change direction on something? I have tried but I+m not getting it right.
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