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  1. I am selling a R19 Studio license, please contact me fredrik@njordstudio.com
  2. Price 1800 Euro. Contact me on fredrik@njordstudio.com
  3. Ok, I found the perfect video for me.
  4. Camera mapping is one part of it and could be used in combination, but camera projection is another thing. Can't find anything about this in the help files. In Modo this is called projection painting if that is of some help.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to camera project ala Nuke in Cinema? Like matte painters do. I want to start doing this type of work but Nuke is out of my reach, and I have got a expresso script from someone where I can put cards to a camera, but I want to project photoshop work on geoetry too. Thanks :)
  6. I know that, but I get weird problems with the normal maps. Works perfectly in Octane, Vray and so on. But not in Corona. DO I need to change direction on something? I have tried but I+m not getting it right.
  7. For me Modo and C4D are two different takes totally, Modo is cluttered an technical and Cinema is cleaner and simpler. I use em both (Modo 12 and Cinema 19), but I would love to only use one, preferably Cinema. Things that I miss in Modo: Simplified interface Stability Less lag in viewport when scattering A scattering plugin that simpler than their own. Corona... Things that I miss in Cinema: A propper UV unwrapper (still hoping they buy Headys UV Layout). Falloffs tool from Modo. Things that I miss in both: Max has this great plugin for creating wood panels and floor. But this is our playing ground, we use a lot of (very expensive) software, as there is no one all mighty software that can do it all. Max is on the way, but it´s too expensive.
  8. How does Patreon work? Do I pay 1 USD per post? You don´t have a gumroad with all the materials? Btw, how to post things in this group/club? I have a question about normal maps in Corona. You seem to be the right person to ask :)
  9. Hi, Yes, I have tested it. But that´s not what I am looking for. I think that one is perfect for interior visualisations and so on. But when you create a whole house with interior, exterior, with wooden deck, wood panel and roof (ye, we use a lot of wood in Sweden). This one is too cumbersome to work with. The Max one is so good beacuse you can block out your viz very fast, and then select polys and hit the plugin, and you can tweak the look of the boards in all directions and ways. Especially good that it clips (bools?) out areas outside the selection, and even makes holes for windows and doors (not selected polygons). This one is done that way (and this is not a piece I am very proud of so don´t look at the architecture too much):
  10. Oo, here's the scene with the Windows in it. Windows.c4d
  11. Thanks !! That´s a new way (for me) to use the technique and more powerful I think too. Now I can choose what vert to line up to, not only the one that´s farthest away.
  12. Hi, thank you for answering. Can you help me understand what you meenwhen you say "transfor point selection on Y" you mean move em? If I move em in Y I get this deformation to the window frame.
  13. Hi, I am used to use the scale tool to line up vertices, is this something you can do in C4D too? /Fredrik
  14. No worries Natevplas, thank you! Next time you´ll be the fastest :)
  15. Hi, I am new to Cinema 4D and I come from Modo (and Maya before that). And I want to fit the windows in "my" house, and if I was in Modo I would have used falloffs for this to maintain the vertex position towards each other. Like this: But now I want to use C4D for this (because of many things, not the discussion right now) and there must be some deformer that can do this type of thing. Am I right? Or how is this kind of work done in Cinema?
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