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  1. I tried it, but it makes also huge white texture around the needed area
  2. I made boolean object and cropped IN only the part of hill we work on. But now I have there a huge texture that is overlapping the cropped object. You know the part of the hill I deleted with boolean. It is naturally invisible but it slows down this object ( am I going to export it to sketchfab webpage in the end). How could I "bake" or "re-texture" the texture to a new material & texture that has not the ex-boolean parts on it? So the texture stays exaclty at the same position.. Yours, Pekka
  3. Ok thanks! I study the Thinking Particles. I know that clones & offset gives me to clunky results here. It must be more like natural.. So particle way souds good!
  4. Hello! I have a simple problem. See the images here below. I make thin lines with c4 standard rendered. In the most below image here you can see these thin lines. How can I make some little white "sparles" that are moving, like a "data stream" inside the thin lines? They should be somewhat random but not too fast. Also as there is many copies of these, they should not be exactly the same.. Little variation should look cool :) Ideas, anyone? Pekka
  5. Wow. That was it!! Thank you so much Igor!!!
  6. See the scene attached. There is something wrong with the nurbs extrude.. It is UNDER ( child ) of the text object. Still I cannot see any polygons.. no depth. What might it be? text is not extruding.c4d

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