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  1. Hi! I have a one geometry, one solid object that i got from customer. See here: Now what are my options if I want to smooth out those round objects that are badly jagged? Pekka
  2. Thank you! Sorry about the wrong section THe solution you gave me: clone the box onto the spline using object mode Is this the correct tutorial for me here: Pekka
  3. Hi! I need to make a stream of boxes, visualazing a video stream. I have made a single box and used animation tag: align to spline. Here you can see the result, I animate the movement along my spline with position, marked red in the attached image. Now I have problems trying to duplicate this box. I need to have constant stream of these boxes, like "marching ants" effect. If I put a cloner on the box I loose the movement = if I move the position slider marked red in my attachment, I get no more motion to the box. Please help!
  4. Thank you for these solutions! I also found that when opening / merging a step file there is a option to create materials based on the display colors of step file. This was the thing I was looking for. This is a great time saver for me!
  5. I am trying to make a tablet. This is my sceen / a box with rounded corners and then scaled down in Y to make it flat. How can I assign a 16:9 ratio hdtv image on it? See my attached image please. What ever mapping method I use, I just can´t get it right.. Very stupid question sorry. I come from lightwave 3d, this was a simple thing..
  6. Ok, good to know Cerbera! I have been doing this manually all along day, now I know its worth it Pekka
  7. Hello! I got a step file from my customer. When I import it, I get no materials - yet still there are some colors on the model in c4d. See the image. Now there are 2 materials but those are made by me at cinema 4d. The imported step file had really no materials. Still there were different colors on different parts. How can I select for example all the blue polygons at the top? So when I have them selected, I could assign a new corona material on them all at once.. Pekka
  8. I have c4d r21 and after effects c 2019 version 16.1.3 I have followed this tutorial: So I have copied the file C4DImporter.aex to my C:\Program Files\MAXON Cinema 4D R21\Exchange Plugins\aftereffects\Importer\Win\CS_CC But it does not work If I try to import the aec file, i get nothing in AE. No errors, just nothing comes in. Please help if somebody knows.. Pekka
  9. I photoshopped the dirt away. Solved! So hypernurbs was better.
  10. Hello! See the images please.. If I use subdivide command on selected polygons, I get those dirt looking dark errors on the surface of my microscope.. These come from the diffuse texture, with corona render. How can I avoid this if I want to subdivide my polys? Pekka
  11. wow, what a process! Well I have to study this step by step Thank you Cerbera!!
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