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  1. Ok, good to know Cerbera! I have been doing this manually all along day, now I know its worth it Pekka
  2. Hello! I got a step file from my customer. When I import it, I get no materials - yet still there are some colors on the model in c4d. See the image. Now there are 2 materials but those are made by me at cinema 4d. The imported step file had really no materials. Still there were different colors on different parts. How can I select for example all the blue polygons at the top? So when I have them selected, I could assign a new corona material on them all at once.. Pekka
  3. OK, thank you! I study this..
  4. I have c4d r21 and after effects c 2019 version 16.1.3 I have followed this tutorial: So I have copied the file C4DImporter.aex to my C:\Program Files\MAXON Cinema 4D R21\Exchange Plugins\aftereffects\Importer\Win\CS_CC But it does not work If I try to import the aec file, i get nothing in AE. No errors, just nothing comes in. Please help if somebody knows.. Pekka
  5. I photoshopped the dirt away. Solved! So hypernurbs was better.
  6. Hello! See the images please.. If I use subdivide command on selected polygons, I get those dirt looking dark errors on the surface of my microscope.. These come from the diffuse texture, with corona render. How can I avoid this if I want to subdivide my polys? Pekka
  7. wow, what a process! Well I have to study this step by step Thank you Cerbera!!
  8. Hello you gurus!! I have just bought this set: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/science/laboratory/laboratory-glassware-lab-equipment I have made a nice glass surface on it with corona renderer check it out ! But now I need some liquids inside them. How do I model a best looking liquid object inside these? Just a simple boolean opeation maybe? Do I them need to "shrink" boolean object so it does not overlap with the glass object? Pekka Varis
  9. I tried it, but it makes also huge white texture around the needed area
  10. I made boolean object and cropped IN only the part of hill we work on. But now I have there a huge texture that is overlapping the cropped object. You know the part of the hill I deleted with boolean. It is naturally invisible but it slows down this object ( am I going to export it to sketchfab webpage in the end). How could I "bake" or "re-texture" the texture to a new material & texture that has not the ex-boolean parts on it? So the texture stays exaclty at the same position.. Yours, Pekka
  11. Ok thanks! I study the Thinking Particles. I know that clones & offset gives me to clunky results here. It must be more like natural.. So particle way souds good!
  12. Hello! I have a simple problem. See the images here below. I make thin lines with c4 standard rendered. In the most below image here you can see these thin lines. How can I make some little white "sparles" that are moving, like a "data stream" inside the thin lines? They should be somewhat random but not too fast. Also as there is many copies of these, they should not be exactly the same.. Little variation should look cool :) Ideas, anyone? Pekka
  13. Wow. That was it!! Thank you so much Igor!!!
  14. See the scene attached. There is something wrong with the nurbs extrude.. It is UNDER ( child ) of the text object. Still I cannot see any polygons.. no depth. What might it be? text is not extruding.c4d
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