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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply. Basically, I'm trying to create soccer stadium, Allianz Arena in this particular case, and trying to figure out what is the best aproach to do it.
  2. Nope, that won't work either, it will not line up on one side.
  3. Hi people! I'm trying to figure something for days now. I'm somewhere in between beginner and advanced in mograph cloner (closer to beginner) and this is bugging me for days now! On topic; I'm building a soccer stadium and cloning the seats is far more difficult that I expected. One of my (many) methods is I start by having 2 rectangles and cloning them in between with blend mode on cloner. (Image 1.jpg) Then I clone a seat in cloner with option Object on cloned splines, with Step distribution. (Image 2.jpg) So far so good! Here is where the issue comes. Since I need to remove some rows of seats (you can check any stadium picture), I used plain effector with box field to remove the seats but the seats are not correctly lined up. (Image 3.jpg). If I adjust step or offset, one side might work, but since this seats removal is happening all over the stadium, it's always bad somewhere. I've tried other modes like count, even, vertex etc, but not working. I've tried some other methods as well, but I have a feeling my brain will explode, so pls help! :)
  4. Wow thanks a lot, this is very very good. It will take some time until I examine your work, thanks again!
  5. @Deck - I don't have a problem with that workflow. I was actually doing that as well (simple cube for soft body dynamics and mesh deformer on stacked money), but the physics itself and how the stacks are falling on top of each other is unrealistic, that is really difficult task to achieve for me. @BigAI3D - It shouldn't be a problem. I bought Broadcast R20 the other day, but didn't use it still. Using demo studio R20, it has all functionality except rendering without watermark.
  6. @Deck - sorry I fixed the link. BigAI3D - Ideally I'm trying to have clones, stacked in the pile. I was playing with soft bodies, I managed to do a lot of stuff, including using a mesh deformer because of geometry. I just cannot get physics to be right. Video in the link I've posted is a perfect example what I'm trying to achieve. How come there is no plugin for dynamics in Cinema 4D? (not that I know of).
  7. Hi everyone! I've been struggling for days now with C4D's dynamics, soft body combined with a cloner. I'm trying to make stacked money falling, but making it look realistic is just impossible for me. Here is a good example what I would like to achieve: https://s3.envato.com/h264-video-previews/cf1ebb25-4083-48f1-b837-11da3ec44483/1720802.mp4 If someone would like to give an advice or a tutorial (I couldn't find a good one for this) I would be more than grateful. All the best! Mirza

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